Of 50 million Muslims living in the west 80% are beggars living on welfare"

MEMRI TV via Vlad Tepes:

Melbourne, Australia:

Moreland candidate Mohamed Elrafihi denies he promised more mosques  (Mullah)

POLICE are investigating a fake council election flyer that claims a Muslim candidate wants to build more mosques in the suburbs.

Who is Azeezur Rahaman?

Police have raided the city offices of a Melbourne Council candidate, dramatically escalating investigations into suspected vote-rigging ahead of this weekend’s election.

Police and local government officers investigating an illegal “vote harvesting” scheme entered the Queen Street offices of Azeezur Rahaman today.

Mr Rahaman owns the multi-million-dollar Southern Cross Education Institute, which teaches 1000 local and international students childcare, business and aged-care courses and employs 110 people.

The local government watchdog made its move on Mr Rahaman after a painstaking five-week investigation tracking a batch of between 450 and 500 suspect voter applications, discovered by the City of Melbourne and revealed in The Age last month.–Read more

Somalia’s Islamist Shebab militia have warned Britain it would “pay the heftiest price” for its “war against Islam” and the extradition of radical cleric Abu Hamza to the United States.–More ominous threats at RNW

Oh noes: what happened to the Facebook ‘revolution?’

Egyptians: We want nuclear bombs and to break the treaty with Israel

The glories of the pro-democracy, pro-Western “Arab Spring” in full flower. “Egyptians: We Want Nuclear Bombs and to Break Treaty with Israel,” by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu forIsrael National News, October 21 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

5 thoughts on “Of 50 million Muslims living in the west 80% are beggars living on welfare"”

  1. What is good to see is that both admit that 80% of Muslims in the West are beggars.

    Now the question for the coming caliphate – which we are creating for them, is how to get this beggar army to take control, while keeping the Jizya flowing. Tricky?

  2. Joe,
    It is highly likely that a benfactor from the left gave him the money – it is highly likely that muslim money brought him the Victorian of the year award (rather a black joke actually), he is a front man chosen because he has the right attitude and can say the right things to fool people. He will be mentored by the left and , it is not unlikely, they will try and push him along Obama style. I suspect the man is very dangerous, but I only have suspicions. The ballot box fixing is not surprise – the left will cheat to get him into power. Note that the sb in in Sowdee land – probably getting instructions.

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