10 thoughts on “Paul Weston tries to explain it to a leftist moonbat journo….”

  1. BRAVO! An extremely lucid, unfazed, honest statement by Paul Weston to a blind idiot. We need many more politicians like Paul Weston. We have an enormous task to educate our sleeping, complacent “liberal and tolerant” elites in comfortable countries like Australia where the problems of Britain and Europe are much less developed, but nonetheless growing. Weston is right when he points to the supreme importance of maintaining free speech, not least because – as he says – if you suppress this legal and constitutional safety valve, you simply drive the problem underground, until there’s civil war.
    This is a video which should be shared and listened to carefully. if the West ignores the problem of Islamization, it will be conquered not even so much by Islam but by its own death wish. People like this BBC interviewer are would-be undertakers of their own liberal, democratic society.

  2. I have found the interviewer ignorant and not listening to your facts Paul and we need more people to listen to your warnings an knowledge. I live in Australia and most Australians are as ignorant as in Britain. They just do not want to believe what is happening. I just hope that they all wake up soon .

  3. I wonder if the interviewer and his type are coached and trained? And presumably paid? It might be interesting (if that’s not overstating the point) to be informed about the background of the ‘interviewer’.

  4. I find the faux, frustrated, huffy-puffy, delusional, absurd self-righteousness of the left wing media to be utterly sickening. God, what a weenie!

    “Diversity adds something to our country” … sheesh, what an unbelieveably stupid statement. This “journalist” is obviously a complete idiot.

  5. Very impressive site and thank you much for this video. It’s the first time I have heard about Mr. Weston, and will post to our site as well with credit. As an American living here in the UK, much of what I see and hear quite frankly has me concerned in no small way about my home country. One of our advantages of course is our size. England is an island and I see it sinking under this multi-culture / diversity thing the left has so successfully forced on their people. Weston is correct on all points and the wanker doing this interview is quite wrong to say that Enoch Powell was a known racist. He was nothing of the sort.
    Thanks again.
    jd peiper

  6. Wow, Paul Weston has my respect simply for not losing his temper with such a complete moron.

  7. And, hey, guess what … Even if Enoch Powell WAS a racist, so what, Islam/Muslims is/are not a race.

  8. Thats is an absolutely brilliant interview!!!!!!

    Its pretty much a metaphor for how the media interact with people who hold different views to themselves, especially regarding Islam. The journalist is a buffoon and quickly resorts to myths and unsubstantiated ‘facts’, Weston is logical, reasonable and erudite. Fantastic interview

  9. The Paul Weston interview is 100% on the money shame he was interviewed by an ignorant ostrich. he doesn’t know what aRacist is. Keep it up Paul hope it’s not too late until the penny drops

  10. Why did the interviewer not show his face? What was his name? Is he a Muslim? His denial of what is happening in our Western world, together with his contradictory attitude, gave that impression. I am 93 and, have already had one stroke, therefore I am living from day to day. As a consequence of their horrifyingly sadistic behavior; plus the countless thousands of men, women and children bombed to death in America; England and India over the years, I am glad to leave this Earth the way it has become. —– Religions were invented, ever since man learned to speak, and were used as a means of controlling the masses. Has anyone ever come back from Heaven to tell us? —– I must not go on. This modern World of ours and the vicious hatred and promised take-over by Muslims – Let’s face it. They bread at an alarming rate – can you not wonder why I trust that there is no such thing as reincarnation.

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