Qaradawi urges Muslims to wage jihad against Israel

He also declares “Russia has become the first enemy of Islam and Muslims”–

Qaradawi urges Muslims to wage jihad against Israel

No he doesn’t mean “inner struggle”, he means holy war, the way  99.9% of Koranimals around the world understand it.

And no again:

“[al-Qaradawi is] a widely regarded as a moderate and one of the most respected scholars in the Muslim world.”– Guardian column by 

Qaradawi is no such thing.


The most prominent cleric in the Islamic world, a.k.a. Egypt’s new Hitler, spreads lies to make his case. “War is deceit,” after all. Actually it is the Muslims who are excavating, trying to obliterate any trace of ancient Jewish presence in Jerusalem. “Qaradawi urges Muslims to support Jerusalem’s cause,” from the Gulf Times, October 13 via JW.

About time:

Moslems get away with it because  in the west nobody cares for Christians:

Al Quds (Jerusalem) and its holy mosque are being desecrated and violated daily by the Israeli Jews, so Muslims and Arabs should hurry to its support, Islamic scholar Dr Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi urged yesterday.In his Friday sermon at Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, he recalled that “when a Jew burned a small portion of a pulpit of Al Aqsa mosque back in 1969, all Muslims and Arabs of the world hurried to create what came to be known as the Organisation of the Islamic Conference to deal with the issue”.

“However, now many excavations are being undertaken by Israel under the holy mosque and attacks have become a regular occurrence and yet Muslims are unaware of what is going on,” Qaradawi exclaimed.

He urged all Muslims and Arabs to unite and adopt the cause of Al Quds and Al Aqsa. He also called on “all honourable and free people” in the world to support such a cause.

Qaradawi rejected the ruling of the Egyptian court to acquit the defendants in what is known as “the Battle of Camel” that took place at Tahrir Square during the January 2011 Egyptian revolution. He wondered that it was strange that the court could not find any one accountable for the bloody events.

“They said the prosecutor general had referred the case to the court without adequate or solid evidence,” he noted.

He expressed his support to President Mohamed Mursi’s decision to sack the prosecutor general. But Qaradawi found it strange that the prosecutor general had refused the decision, saying that he could not be sacked or dismissed.

“These actions raise suspicions and seem premeditated. We support President Mursi’s decision to return the case to the court and his order to gather enough evidences for it.”

Qaradawi praised the stand of Turkey when it ordered on Thursday a Syria-bound aircraft coming from Russia to be grounded and searched. He noted that Turkey had found weapons and military experts on the plane.

“Russia has become the first enemy of Islam and Muslims because it has stood against the Syrian people; more than 30,000 Syrians have been killed by the weapons supplied by Russia,” Qaradawi said….

Meanwhile, western apologists keep telling us  that Qaradawi is no extremist – merely because he supports Palestinian suicide attacks against Israelis -is “absurd.”

Now, per a recently released WikiLeaks cable:

‘In a Friday, January 9, sermon broadcast on Al Jazeera Arabic, Imam Yousef Al-Qaradawi condemned Jews for spreading “corruption in the land,” and for victimizing the Muslim people. He cited the Babylonian Captivity and the Roman conquest as historical examples of God’s punishment of Israel. He said “We wait for the revenge of Allah to descend upon them, and, Allah willing, it will be by our own hands…Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.” [emphasis mine]

No doubt, al-Qaradawi’s CiF column, contextualizing his explicit call for genocide against Jews, will likely appear soon.