The United Nations & Free Society Don't Mix

Navi Pillay promotes the interests of savages, of mass-murderers.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for limitations on freedom of speech

“World leaders need to find ways to ensure freedom of expression doesn’t equate to violence.” In other words, world leaders need to capitulate to Muslim violence, and criminalize criticism of Islam, so that Muslims no longer have an impetus to riot and kill. If this means ending all counterterror efforts and rendering their nations mute and hence defenseless in the face of the advancing jihad, so be it.

If Navi Pillay had any shred of moral sense left, she would be calling upon Muslim leaders to teach their people that rioting and killing are not acceptable responses when something makes them angry. But instead, she says this, which only reinforces the idea that rioting and murder work, and when the kuffar say something Muslims don’t like, all the Muslims have to do is kill a few people and burn a few buildings, and the kuffar will shut up of their own accord.

“Pillay: Hatred, free speech don’t mix,” from UPI, October 24 (thanks to JW):

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 24 (UPI) — A top human rights official said from U.N. headquarters that world leaders need to find ways to ensure freedom of expression doesn’t equate to violence.U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said there are signs of growing tensions between freedom of expression and religion.

“I have publicly regretted or condemned various displays of religious hatred or bigotry and have also consistently urged religious and political leaders to condemn the violence, including the loss of life that has taken place in reaction to such incidents in various parts of the world,” she said.

5 thoughts on “The United Nations & Free Society Don't Mix”

  1. Seems the only ‘religion’ that has a problem with free speech is islam. And if the morons who can’t figure that out would look at that ‘religion’ then they would find where the real problem is…. and it is islam. The koran is full of hate speech, as are the sunnah and sharia.

  2. Navi Pillay may I remind you how the Hindus have been treated in India
    The Pandits have been thrown out from Kashmir why dont you fight for them. Teach the Muslims how to behave do not lecture us . I am ashamed to call you an Indian

  3. Navi Pillay I am ashamed of you as an Indian , you should be making noise about the attack on police at Azad maiden also take up the cause of the Pandits driven out from Kashmir and the way you as a Hindu have been treated and so many massacred in India. Please read the Koran on the Net you will understand them better and teach them something instead of us

  4. Islam: “Submit to our extortion!” UN: “Okay!”

    SO: “From now on, it will be illegal to accuse any criminals of their crimes, if doing so might hurt their feelings, and so “make” them commit even more crimes! Problem Solved! Whee!”


  5. The UN did not have a problem with Free Speech for 60 years.

    In fact, wasn’t the UN supposed to be defending Free Speech for those that are oppressed around the world?

    So, why sing a different tune now?

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