Egypt’s al-Azhar University teaches cannibalism

Al-Azhar university,  the highest center of learning in Sunni Islam, Obama praised it effusively in his Cairo Speech which he made at the university:

“For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning, and for over a century, Cairo University has been a source of Egypt’s advancement.”- Hussein Obama.

Just don’t call them savages:

Egypt’s al-Azhar University Issues Book Teaching Kids to murder “Sinners” and to eat their flesh

Conditions Apply:

“We are allowed the eating of the flesh of dead humans, the meat must not be cooked or grilled, you are allowed to kill and eat apostates…”

“You can kill the married adulterer, the fighter, whoever gave up praying, and whoever has a punishment on him…. even if the imam did not give his permission for the killing.”

Published on 15 Jan 2013 thanks to BCF

This video footage is taken from a televised show on Al-Tahrir TV channel (Egypt) showing a guest quoting passages from a book – titled ‘al-Iqnaa’ (The Persuasion) – issued by al-Azhar University (one of the world’s oldest universities & the most prestigious Islamic school) being taught to Egyptian high-school students that calls for the killing of sinners – such as apostates, those who don’t pray, adulterers, and those who have a punishment set for them – as well as their eating.

The talk show host was very surprised and warned that this could be fertile ground for religious zealots who form Saudi-like committees for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to carry out such acts on Egyptian citizens.

As the Muslim Brotherhood became increasingly powerful in Egypt, such insane Wahhabi writings have made their way even into the most prestigious religious institutions in that country.

Source: Al Tahrir TV (Egypt)

Now we find out from Egyptian media that their official textbook which they send to Egyptian high schools for mandatory education includes the mandate of killing non-muslims and eating them, the outright murder of Apostates, permission to murder muslims who don’t pray everyday, stealing wives and enslaving them into prostitution, and the murder of adulterers:

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  1. This is shocking but no more can can be expected from the influence of the wahabbi sheiks even though the teachings are from many years ago they are now in the new texts I imagine came from Saudi Arabia originally this is shocking and must be horrible for the Christian inhabitants of Egypt and they must be faced with leaving to immigrate elsewhere sad but it’s true.

  2. Muslim eat and drink mohameds urine and poop, so cannibalism is not to far fetched for islam barbarians. I am sure some muslims forget to eat with their right hand and eat with their left for more flavor, human flesh is a step up from the crap on the left hand. Remember, muslim only rinse their hand with the little cup of water next to the toilet and no soap. Soap and tissue are not even in the islam vocabulary.

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