“I’m sure Bob Carr has the matter well in hand.”

“I’m sure Bob Carr has the matter well in hand.”

Belligerent Malaysia throws  Australian Senator Xenophon out and Xenophon is still scratching his head trying to work out what Malaysian authorities were thinking.

However, he claims that  “Bob Carr has the matter well in hand.”–Our rulers are rather dense.

The Buddhists of Myanmar revolt against the Islamic expansion project:

Muslim Quarter Attacked in Rangoon

Police have detained several people after an angry Buddhist mob attacked a Muslim school and shops in a suburb outside Rangoon this week, according to sources and reports.  The attacks on Tuesday and Wednesday were triggered by reports that the Muslim school in Manpye quarter in Thaketa township was being extended to a prayer house despite objections from the predominantly Buddhist residents.

Bob Carr’s Priorities:

(More) Assistance for the Muselmaniacs of Myanmar

Foreign Minister Santa Claus Bob Carr  announced a further $2.5 million in emergency aid for Rakhine and Kachin States in Myanmar.   Australia is the second largest bilateral contributor in foreign aid to the humanitarian crisis in Rakhine, with more than $4.25m committed to emergency aid.

Climate Fraud

A proud nation should not be bashful of its past

OUR Foreign Minister can be very emphatic. Bob Carr told an audience last month it was ”too risky” for Australia ”even to glance in the direction of talk of an Anglosphere”.

What an asshole! With such a fool being the foreign minister, where the hell are we heading?

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  1. Just one small note, re aid to Rakhin and Kachin states. The *Kachin* aren’t Muslims; they’re fervently-evangelical Christians (they even have the Bible translated in their language) and they really have been persecuted, as have some other Christian minority people-groups in Burma.

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