Imam Rauf’s 9/11 Victory Mosque Project a Den of Thieves


Its time to laugh the nanny Michael Bloomingbugger out of town!
Mayor Bloomberg and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf were all buddy buddy at the Huffington Post’s 2010 Game Changers celebration.

Talk about your clerical errors!

Bronx: Re “Imam’s big scam” (Feb. 6): Gee, what a shock. The characters surrounding the infamous Ground Zero mosque are alleged to be — wait for it — a den of thieves! Who would have thought? They were not sincere, genuine people who only wanted to build bridges among all peoples regardless of race, creed or color; they were in it for the money! So that means the people who protested this two-bit phony travesty from the start were right. Let’s see if Mayor Bloomberg, who ridiculed them — many of them parents of responders who rushed into the towers on 9/11 and died doing so — as close-minded bigots issues an apology as deep-felt as his passionate, teary-eyed speech in support of this mosque. Somehow, I doubt it.  Michael Burke

Silver Spring, Md.: No one should be surprised that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the advocate for a mosque close to Ground Zero, is a common crook. His out-of-control plans for a mosque to be built on hallowed ground honored the perpetrators and not the victims. The imam played a classic con on the public. Nelson Marans

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