Infiltration, Treason & Corruption

Hagel financed by “Friends of Hamas”

This qualifies him perfectly to occupy a cabinet level position in the Obama administration.

Democrats Must Be Very Proud (GWP)

Yesterday, 25 senators sent a letter to Hagel demanding information on his foreign funding. Hagel has refused all such requests, prompting the senators to state, “in the judgment of the undersigned, a Committee vote on your nomination should not occur unless and until you provide the requested information.”–Chuck Hagel’s Foreign Funding Includes “Friends of Hamas”

John Brennan, Dhimm-bulb and Nominee for CIA Director

If this assclown gets confirmed, he’ll fit right in Obama’s idiocracy.

His views on the Islamic threat can only be described as pure dumbassity. (source)

“Islam ‘Helped to Shape’ my  Own World View,” John Brennan

Obama’s CIA nominee John Brennan aids, abets jihadists and Islamic supremacists

Yet another Useful Idiot enabling those who aim to destroy the United States and the free world. “Obama CIA Nominee John Brennan Wrong for the Job,” by Steven Emerson and John Rossomando for IPT News, February 5: (JW)

Nobody is that stupid, especially not the head of the CIA.

 Brennan (who, by his looks, would make a stellar career as the villain in Hollywood movies) is Rasool Allah’s hatchet man. Brennan is hired to render the CIA as ineffective as possible, just like Holder is hired to put the DoJ out of business.

Levin Destroys Obama On Benghazi: ‘He Didn’t Do a Damn Thing, NOTHING’

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