5 thoughts on “Hollyweird History: Lincoln Falls Through a “Rabbit Proof Fence””

  1. I bet the film doesn’t mention that the Democrats started the KKK!

    That would be an inconvenient truth for sure.

    @ Hill: I gave up on Speilberg after the mess he made of “Munich”, and even though he made “Schindler’s List” this will never redeem him in my eyes. My late uncle worked for Schindler when he was a teenager.

    I think Polanski’s “The Pianist” is a much better Holocaust movie anyway.

    Clint! Heh! What a legend!!

    Love him!!

  2. @Gramfan,

    I bet the film does not even reveal that Lincoln was a Republican.

    Or that the plantation owners and slave owners were all Democrats.

    As you rightly pointed out the KKK was formed by southern Democrats. The very same southern Democrats who nearly a hundred years later would veto and fight against desegregation in the American south.

    What is not clear to me, is why do the Republican put up with the lies? Why does the part never counter them with the truth the data is there in archival records, who voted for what and who voted against.

  3. Gramfan,

    I did reply yesterday, but it did not seem to go through.

    You are right about the KKK being formed by Southern Democrats, as were the people who posed the biggest opposition to desegregation. From the 50’s onward, Republic pushed desegregation laws in the American south and it was shot down by the Democrats.

    Too me, the real questions is…why do the Republicans allow the Democrats carte blanche to revisionist history? Why are they silent?

    RE:Speilberg. Admittedly, I do not know enough of the events surrounding Munich to pass a judgement on his version?

    When I think of Clint, I think of him in the role of the hero in Zero Dark Thirty. He would never had cried at the end of the film. Nor would McQueen, Wayne or Bronson.

    I resent, because she is a woman, that she would cry. IMHO, it is an avenue for a lefty apology. Damn Hollywood apologist.

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