Muslim Brotherhood infil-traitors Suhail Khan & Grover Norquist are enforcing the Shariah at CPAC


Robert Spencer refuses CPAC award because conditions for acceptance was obscene

Vlad Tepes:

How Sharia Kills Free Speech  (Andrew Bostom)

“The burning desire to impose Sharia blasphemy law – which mandates the killing of those exercising free speech critical of Islam – is hardly limited to al-Qaeda.” (TROP)

David Horowitz has been warning for a long time about  the dangers posed by the infiltration of the conservative movement by the Muslim Brotherhood in the person of Suhail Khan and his sponsor Grover Norquist.  The facts about Norquist and Khan were taken from an elaborate dossier presented to the board of the American Conservative Union and posted on

The leftarded ‘Salon’ monkeys would have you believe that this is not the case;  but  facts have a nasty habit of prevailing:

CPAC blog award update: John Hawkins of Right Wing News does damage control for Norquist and CPAC, throws Spencer under the bus  (JW)

CPAC Blog Award: John Hawkins takes a dive for Grover Norquist (JW)

In other news:

Nice Scam, Nice Try, But Now Its Over:

Islamic Group Evicted by SWAT Team from $3 Mil Memphis Mansion After Claiming to be a Sovereign State

Moorish-Americans claim that they don’t have to obey American laws because they are the members of their own country. This naturally leads to fun times for everyone.

Squatters who took over an opulent $3 million mansion felt the full force of the law when an armed SWAT team smashed through its gates to evict them.

They are not “Moorish-Americans” and they are not Squatters. Neither are they “descendants of the Biblical Moabites”.–We all know what they are. The law must be upheld and enforced, that’s all.