Boats, Boats, Boats

The criminal, corrupt Labor mob and the watermelon Green parasites who are complicit in flooding this country with 3rd world welfare seekers need to be brought to justice. This is treason on the people of Australia.

Boat people “policy

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Yet another boat sinks, lured by Labor (and the Greens of course)

Andrew Bolt

More than 1000 boat people have now been lured to their deaths since Labor recklessly scrapped our tough border laws in 2008 to seem more “compassionate”:

AT least five people have drowned, another 53 are missing and 14 have been rescued after spending 24 hours in the open sea following the sinking off Indonesia of their asylum boat bound for Australia.

Meanwhile, an armada of boats keep coming:

A spokesman for the Department of Immigration said last night a boat was intercepted off Christmas Island yesterday.


Greens Senator Sarah Very-Young demonstrates a besetting failure of the Left, to follow the romantic rather than the true, the seeming rather than the achieving – thus blinding themselves to the lethal consequences of their dreams:

SABRA LANE: But where is the evidence and the proof that the Government’s breaching international obligations?

SARAH HANSON-YOUNG: Because we don’t know whether we’ve sent people back to Sri Lanka who indeed were fleeing persecution or further torture.

SABRA LANE: But there is no evidence?

SARAH HANSON-YOUNG: Well, we’ve sent 700 people back and we haven’t assessed their claims. 

Sri Lankans fleeing persecution?  Dinoo Kelleghan is a Sri Lankan who before her return to her country was a member of our Refugee Review Tribunal for seven years:

This year, economists noted a change in the spending patterns [in Sri Lanka] – lower-income people are spending more freely than the better-paid shoppers in the capital, Colombo.

The reason? The gushing torrents of remittances home from Sri Lankans who have gone abroad for employment, often making empty claims of persecution to leapfrog others who stand patiently in long queues outside Western embassies in Colombo to get a work visa….

Every doctor, every lawyer, trishaw driver I have met over the past two months after returning home following 33 years in Australia has a family member in Melbourne or Sydney…

Yes, you can find work in Australia easily. Yes, you get money there even if you don’t work. People get free houses there, money for getting a baby, sustained help in finding work. Just a little bit of hardship at the start but everyone knows you’ll get there in the end, and if you go in by boat as an asylum-seeker the Australian government just has to take notice of you, and they start looking after you straight away…

The civil war has been over almost four years. There is no foundation on which Sri Lankans – Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim or Burgher – can claim to have a well-founded fear of persecution…

As for claims that Tamils face persecution simply for having been actual or suspected Tiger foot-soldiers, the outgoing head of the International Organisation for Migration, Richard Danziger, was reported saying on April 10 that the IOM had encountered about a dozen complaints of current harassment from the 8000 former Tigers fighters it had been assisting.



When Perth residents oppose an invasion of Sri Lankans seeking not safety but money and a back door, Jon Stratton joins in the brawl by bashing other immigrants – the English and South African.

These blow-ins include racists looking for a kind of Australian apartheid, according to this professor from Curtin University’s School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts:


One of the things about Perth it that it is still the whitest of the major Australian cities. What it does is encourage certain white migrants, if you like, who hope that they can come to a place that is still preserved for white people.

We know there’s a few people from Britain who come here with this reason, people from South Africa who come here for this reason, so there is this unfortunate leavening in the population of people with racist perspectives coming from other places and reinforcing the already existing racism within Perth.

Click to listen to Stratton’s racist attack:

Who would have thought just 220 South Africans and fewer than 1500 Britons would make an Australian capital so racist:


Strangely, the “whitest” of our main cities not only has a large Aboriginal minority, but an above-average proportion of people from non-English-speaking backgrounds:


(Thanks to reader Alan.)

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  1. Our government suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder
    Characterized by the existence of two or more distinct personality states that have the capacity to take control of the body and the inability to recall personal information too great to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. The condition cannot be due to the effect of substances or a medical condition.
    They invite the boats both directly and indirectly then pretend to be tough on illegal immigration.

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