MYANMAR: Buddhist Monk burned with acid, slashed with knives, genitals cut off…

MYANMAR: Burmese Buddhist Monk burned with acid, slashed with knives, had genitals cut off, all by Muslims  (thanks to BNI)


Burmese-Buddhist monk Shin Thawbita who was brutally assaulted and then burned alive by the Muslim mob in Meikhtilar on March 20 was a devout teacher-monk from Mogaung Monastery in Hanzar Village of Tharzi Twonship.(And people wonder why Buddhists are fighting back so hard against Muslim savages who are trying to take over the  country, piece by piece, as they have done in every other Buddhist country)

Syrian Muslim cleric:

“I decree that every person who can get to a Buddhist should kill him because they are killing our people and the Muslims cannot be blamed for their reaction”

Of course. They never can be. And to call for the murder of any and every Buddhist because of the alleged misdeeds of some is…characteristic of Islamic supremacists, whose apologists and spokesmen in the U.S. then project that same failing onto their foes, claiming that to resist jihad is to “paint all Muslims with a broad brush.”

“Syrian Islamists set sight on Myanmar,” by Karen Boulos for Now, April 12 (thanks toThe Religion of Peace via JW)

As we can see here, the assassins of allah are already acting on it:

A GROUP of Myanmar Muslims beat eight Buddhists to death at an Indonesian detention centre after becoming enraged at news of deadly communal violence Buddhists resisting Islam in their homeland, officials say.

HLAOO 1980  He’d been a monk at his friend U Pannisa’s monastery for over two years and on that fateful day of 20 March 2013 at about 4:30 in the afternoon he and a friend came to Meikhtilar to buy some books on Buddhism for his class of 200 students. Neither knew that a race-riot was brewing between Muslims and Buddhists in Meikhtilar that day.


When they reached Meikhtilar, they saw a large mob of angry Muslim Kalars armed with swords and iron rods gathering on both sides of the main road. “Doesn’t look too good, let’s turn back,”  said fearful Tin Maung Win to U Thawbita. But U Thawbita wasn’t so concerned. “Maybe they’re fighting each other, don’t worry you’re with me, just drive on,” said U Thawbita who was very confident that even the rioting Muslims wouldn’t harm a Buddhist monk. Wrong!

The Muslim Kalar swinged and hit violently U Thawbita from behind. By then the motorbike was hardly moving forward as the Muslim crowd thirsting for the wounded Buddhist-monk’s blood was all over them.

“We’re from Tharzi, we’re from Hanzar, we come here to buy books, please, please, we don’t know what’s going on here, please,” pleaded and begged desperately for mercy both U Thawbita and Tin Maung Win but the Meikhtilar-Muslims were determined to kill the first Buddhist monk they ran into.

A steel ball from a Muslim-slingshot hit the left side of U Thawbita’s shaved head. The Muslims were also beating up U Thawbita’s back with sticks and iron rods. The “bone,bone,bone” noises from the back beating was unbearable for Tin Maung Win at the front. He then saw a sword swing just above the bare head of the monk behind. U Thawbita then fell limp to the ground. The monk’s head just above the ears was deeply hacked and blood was flowing like water from the deep wound.


When Tin Maung Win turned he saw the same Muslim man who first struck the monk with his huge farming-fork was running towards them with a big 5-gallon yellow-jerrican on his shoulder and shouting loud, “Burn him, burn him, burn the bloody monk.”

According to the eyewitnesses while Tin Maung Win was fleeing the Muslim mob, Muslim Kalar Myo Win (A shoe-shop owner) and his wife Ma Yu and another Muslim Kalar Annawar were cutting U Thawbita with knifes.

Soon Another Muslim kalar brought the petrol can and he pulled the blood-stained saffron-robe off the dying monk. The Muslims who wanted to inflict maximum possible pain on the Buddhist monk then turned him flat on his bare back and slowly poured petrol and some acid on his belly and lower body.


Instead of just throwing petrol and acid from the cans, the Muslim men, women, and even the  children were using small cups to slowly pour acid and petrol all over his body as if they were committing a communal torture on the Buddhist monk.

When the Burmese-Buddhists reached the dying monk his almost naked and burning body was away from his robe lying in the pool of his blood on the hot-tarred road. Meanwhile the angry Buddhist crowd had followed some fleeing Muslims into the nearby mosque and burned the huge Saudi-built mosque down with the Muslims inside.


By about 9 in the night the Meikhtilar Hospital was in total chaos as ambulances were constantly bringing in so many wounded. Most were Buddhist-Burmese with severe knife-wounds and only few were not seriously wounded.

U Thawbita passed away on exactly 9:45 that night of 20 March 2013. Blood from his head wound was still flowing as his body was being moved onto a concrete slab in the hospital morgue. The dead monk was completely naked. The morgue staff was then sewing the gaping head wound back. When they looked close-up they sadly noticed the monk’s genitals had been completely chopped off by the Muslims.

Muslims brought this upon themselves as they do wherever they go. With Muslims, its either kill or be killed.

Muslims brought this upon themselves as they do wherever they go. With Muslims, it’s either kill or be killed.

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  1. I so wish our enlightened Governement would have the balls to stand up to the rest of the World and say, ‘we wholeheartedly stand by and are prepared to arm and train these budhists against an eternal enemy’.

    Sadly though everyone will turn their backs 🙁

  2. The Buddhists of Burma are not stupid like the Americans or thoroughly dhimmified like the Indians. The Muslims will find the Buddhists of Burma a tough nut to crack. Don’t forget they have the Chinese to back them.

  3. There is only one way to handle a Muslim, SNIP
    Turn about is fair play. I don’t want to hear-“Turn the Other Cheek!”

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