Church of Redistribution

Kardinal Woelki: Rich Must Pay For EU!

Stupidity & Cupidity

Clerics hasten to aid the EUdSSR. According to The WELT  Rainer Maria Woelki, (photo) Cardinal of Berlin, demanded the rich must pay more to finance the debt and the financial mess the EU communists created.

He can rely on support from the protestant Bishop Markus Dröge. These commie-clerics would be well advised to back off. Germans Christians are already demanding to  get rid of the obligatory church tax.

They may as well  hand it over to the EU capos Schulz & Barroso….  [more from PI]

Obama’s Easter Service: Pastor Attacks ‘Captains of the Religious Right’

Yet another Obama ‘pastor’ preaches “eat the rich”

AWFUL… Obama’s Church Pastor Pounds Conservatives With Racist Attacks on Easter

Obama’s pastor accused conservatives today of calling for “blacks to be back in the back of the bus” during a sermon he gave this morning in Washington DC.

At the Easter service attended Sunday by President Barack Obama and his family, the pastor railed against “captains of the religious right,” according to the White House pool report cited by the Washington Post. The service, led by Rev. Luis Leon, was held at Saint John’s Church at Lafayette Square, which is where the First Family worships most often, though they have not formally joined any particular church in Washington, D.C.