Stephen Coughlin: The Boston Attack and “Individual Jihad”‘

Prick up your ears and learn: Stephen Coughlin knows what  Islam  wants and puts it in context with Islamic doctrine. This is stuff that you don’t get from the lame stream media.

Stephen Coughlin, Part. 6: The Boston Attack and “Individual Jihad”‘

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Published on 29 Apr 2013

In this video lecture, Center for Security Policy senior fellow Stephen Coughlin explains doctrinal and historical background for the recent jihadist attack in Boston. Beginning with media reports willfully confused about the motivations of the Chechen Mulsim Tsarnaev brothers, Coughlin deconstructs the lineage of the ‘individual jihad’ vs ‘jihad by bands’ or secret, foreign-controlled cells.

About Stephen Coughlin

Over more than a decade following 9/11, MAJ Stephen Coughlin was one of the US government’s most astute and objective analysts, and an expert in the connections between Islamic law, terrorism and the jihadist movement around the globe. Through knowledge of published Islamic law, MAJ Coughlin had an demonstrated ability to forecast events both in the Middle East and domestically and to accurately assess the future threat posture of jihadist entities before they happen. He has briefed at the Pentagon, for national and state law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress. With this series of presentations, the general public has access to a professional standard of intelligence training in order to better understand the jihadist threat.

Stephen Coughlin’s lectures for the Center for Security Policy Counterterror Training Education and Analysis (CTEA) program on YouTube:

(1) Lectures on National Security & Counterterror Analysis (Introduction)
(2) Understanding the War on Terror Through Islamic Law
(3) Abrogation and the ‘Milestones’ Process
(4) The Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab Spring & the ‘Milestones’ Process
(5) The Role of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Enforcing Islamic Law
(6) “Individual Jihad” in Boston

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  1. He is the best we ever had.

    Look up ‘Hesham Islam’ (he is the Mustard who got him fired) and his boss, Gordon England:

    From the “Only in America” department:

    * Hesham Islam, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, with his ridiculously cooked CV, should have never been given a security clearance. Hesham Islam is your picture book mole:

    Islamist ‘Trojan horse’ in Pentagon, say experts

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