An Inconvenient Truth

This is not Goracle snake oil. Richwine sounds a bit like Thilo Sarazzin, who came to the same conclusions:

Jason Richwine on IQ and Immigration

Watch as the courageous countermoonbat Jason Richwine grasps the nettle by honestly discussing the most important issue of our time — the demographic transformation of America:

As you might expect, the moonbat establishment does not take kindly to frank talk on this topic. A lynch mob consisting of leftists and RINOs has forced him to resign from the Heritage Foundation. In case that doesn’t send a sufficiently intimidating message, liberal thugs are nowdemanding an investigation of those at Harvard who approved his PhD dissertation.

If people like Richwine were allowed to tell the truth about what the ruling class is doing to this country, the public might rise up and stop it. (Moonbattery)

Just for the record:

One thought on “An Inconvenient Truth”

  1. Actually, he is wrong. It is not ethnicity. The bell-curve is fairly conclusive that ethnicity is not a factor.
    Culture IS a factor. So it incest. A culture of cousin marriage produces lower IQs that a culture of diverse marriage.

    I having read Thilo Sarazzin’s book (in German), he claims that the lower IQ is hereditary, not due to race/ethnicity but to incest and generally lower IQ parents.
    Add to this a cultue that believes females are naturally stupid (as in mohammadism) and you have children whose brains to not form optimally during the early years. Indoctrination plays a big part.

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