Cannibal Culture (eating hearts, minds and lungs of the enemy)

Rebel Commander Explains Why He Ate Syrian Soldier’s Lung (GWP)

Rebel commander Abu Sakkar explained why he ate the organs of a pro-regime fighter.He warns that if the bloodshed continues “all Syrian people” will be like him.

A Culture of Cannibalism–

Rebel commander Abu Sakkar gained instant notoriety after footage emerged of him appearing to remove the organs of a pro-regime fighter and then eating them.

Abu Sakkar speaks on winning over the hearts, minds and lungs of the enemy.

Khalid al Hamad, also known as Abu Sakkar, explains why he chose to mutilate the body of a dead Syrian regime fighter and put the heart in his mouth. The opposition fighter with the Independent Omar Farouk Brigades, based around Homs, has been filmed explaining why he ate the heart of his enemy.

7 thoughts on “Cannibal Culture (eating hearts, minds and lungs of the enemy)”

  1. Our policy of destabilising the Muslim world, one nation at a time, will eventually lead to sharia everywhere in the Muslim world. Economic chaos, food shortages, riots and bombings to follow, will cause even more economic chaos.
    So this commander maybe telling the Muslim world, that they should think of including other species in their diet, as it might become necessary.

    1. I don’t think we ever had a policy to destabilise the Muslim world.

      If that is what we are doing, it is idiotic, because it encourages mass immigration to greener pastures, which means hijra to infidel countries. If that is what you mean, you are most likely correct.

  2. Sadly Sheik is correct. The simple and correct solution : Ban all muslim immigration and start deporting the trouble makers now.

  3. Just further proof that Muslims are savages.
    DP111, how do we destabilize what is already infinitely unstable?

  4. Pray Hard

    Mubarak’s Egypt, as well Gaddaffi’s Libya were quite stable. Both were hunting down Muslim Jihadis. But what we have done is to create a situation in which there is no dominant power in either country. Ditto elsewhere. When there is one, as in Syria, we have supplied arms to al Qaeda Jihadis, and given them political cover. Such a condition guarantees violent instability for decades. Tens of peopke are killed each day in Iraq.

    The question that arises, is this good for Western interests. In a Machiavellian way, it is. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are now surrounded by MB types who would do anything to bring down the Gulf sheikhdoms. They have nowhere to go except us. Without us they are toast. Saudis, not that long ago thought they could dictate matters. Now they are just another bunch of beggarly(wealthy) client states, whose job is to provide us with oil, and buy weaponry they cannot use, to subsidize our weapons costs.

    I like your moniker.

  5. Sheikh

    Your policy would be correct if we were a different sort of people. The West, particularly the Anglo-Saxon, is not a shrinking flower. It is an outgoing, conquer them all type. It will not rest until it has done to the Islamic world what we did to proto-imperialists- Japan and Germany, and then buried the USSR.

    Islam is not a ready made target as the above three, so we have to make them one first.

    Sheikh , imagine you were a devout Muslim filled with all that stuff that you were made to conquer and rule the world, then looked out at the world. What you would see is “Infidel Crusaders” stomping all over “sacred” Islamic land, doing whatever took their fancy, without even asking permission of the ruler or the UN. Even Crusaders of the past had no such license or ability to do what they liked throughout the Muslim world. For a good Muslim, this must be ultimate humiliation.

  6. sociopathic moslems – they kill more of each other than anyone else. And I say we should just step back, record it, and do nothing else for them. Sorry but I am sick and tired of their sociopathic ways.

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