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In other news:

Report: Anti-Israel NGOs receive US funding

Research institute says some Mideast organizations receiving grants from Washington ‘demonize Israel, promote BDS campaigns targeting Israel’

 Its the age of Obummer. What did you expect?

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Prominent Israel hater believes world run by reptilian space aliens  (EoZ)

Alice Walker, the author of “The Color Purple” who was also a “jurist” in the kangaroo court “Russell Tribunal on Palestine,”  believes that Israel is an apartheid state.
She also believes that the world is run by shape-shifting reptilian aliens who practice mind control from the Moon.

 Just what the U.S. needs:walker poster

 Dumber than a turd can be…..

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  1. The 500 mil would help to rebuild so many lives in the devastated Oaklahoma a few thousand house’s to start with not to go to Pali trash

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