Islam, the Religion of the Professors

Koranimals in Western Institutions of Higher Learning

Berkeley: “Islamophobia” greater threat than Islamic jihad terrorism

What an insanely idiotic subject for study. These are not leftist profs, they are radical Islamic headbangers and Islamo-props. They are enemy agents operating behind enemy lines, to destroy western civilisation ‘by their hands and the hands of the believers’. And they do it by poisoning the minds of gullible students.

Leftist Swine at the Trough

Wakademia’s foul and yellow-bellied indignity

PuffHo Trash from Mehdi Hasan

I prefer Sheila Musaji. She’s even more ridiculous. (Kony, Breivik & the KKK are living rent-free in her brain)

 Lone Wolf Jihad

Four more arrested in France in the Toulouse Jewish Day School Jihad Massacre

 Lone-wolf jihad is an oxymoron. All jihadists are part of the ummah (worlwide Muslim community). All jihadists wage holy war in the cause of Islam. All jihadists use the same playbook (the Quran). All jihadists cite the same chapter and verse. (Pamela Geller)

Spy vs Spy

Former MI5 head calls for people to spy on their neighbours following London beheading

They want people to spy on the neighbors. Why? So they’ll be charged with racist-islamophobia-anti-muslim-bigotry? The London beheader was on British intel’s radar for two years; what good did that do?

The Brits arrested a couple of people for “anti-Islamic” tweets in the wake of the beheading. What rational person would come forward to turn in a devout Muslim?  Scores of young non-Muslim British girls who were raped and sold like meat by Muslim gangs repeatedly went to law enforcement and the law did nothing. EDL members protest against Islamic supremacism and get arrested. EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll have been continually harrassed and arrested for leading the counter jihad organization.

Who in their right mind would come forward? (Pamela Geller/The Daily Mail,)



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  1. All of these lefty professors and their liberal student Kool Aid drinkers , have a perverted fascination with Islam,. It’s all about control.

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