Sweden: Multiculti utopia not working out as the starry-eyed imagined:

Note how the onus falls on the Swedes to make immigrants adapt, and not on the rioters.

Muslims riot in Stockholm for fourth day

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Muslim Assimilation in a Politically Correct World: Another Smashing Leftist Success Story  (GWP)

Swedish multiculturalism:

Stockholm was braced for a fifth night of riots as violent unrest that began almost a week ago in the northern suburbs of the Swedish capital continued to spread to other corners of the city…

Up to 40 cars, a police station and a restaurant in the southern suburb of Skogas were set ablaze on Wednesday. Fire crew were pelted with stones – mainly by young men with their faces covered – as they attempted to douse the flames. Around 300 cars have been set on fire this week.

The unrest began on Sunday in the rundown, mainly immigrant, northern suburb of Husby… Groups from local mosques have been patrolling the streets of Husby, pleading with youths for calm.

So very few reports are frank about who precisely is rioting, preferring the euphemism “youths”. However:

The riots began on Sunday in Husby, just outside of the capital, where about 80 percent of the population is either first or second generation immigrants. Most of them come from largely Muslim countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Somalia…

“We see a society that is becoming increasingly divided and where the gaps, both socially and economically, are becoming larger,” said co-founder Rami Al-Khamisi with the group Megafonen, which purports to represent suburbs and minorities… “We have institutional racism.”

Others in Sweden lashed out at immigrants and massive immigration in general, saying the riots illustrated the “failure of multiculturalism” and the problems with allowing too many foreigners in without a real plan.

As the debate over immigration raged, the Sweden Democrats party, which seeks to implement broad restrictions on further immigration, has now become the third largest political party based on recent polls.

Is this what Sweden envisaged with mass immigration? A more divided society, with ethnic and religious riots?

Not working out as the starry-eyed imagined:

This is not the first time the Scandinavian country has seen riots among immigrants.

In 2010, up to 100 youths threw bricks, set fires and attacked the local police station in the immigrant-heavy suburb of Rinkeby for two nights.

And in 2008, hundreds of youths rioted against police in the southern Swedish town of Malmoe, sparked by the closure of an Islamic cultural centre in the suburb of Rosengaard that housed a mosque.

When mass Muslim immigration requires such an effort from the host country to make work, with such a high price for failure, is it worth it?

[Integration Minister Erik] Ullenhag explained that the unrest is not a question of young people against society.

“I’ve seen in the international media that this is a riot between young people in some parts of Stockholm and the society, but this is not true. It’s a small proportion. The majority of young people in Tensta, Husby, Rinkeby, they go to schools and they want to have opportunities in Sweden, and it’s important to tell that story,” he said.

Ullenhag added that he was looking into reforms targeting such areas that would create a much more individualized process when it comes to integrating immigrants.

“For someone with no formal education, the best way to learn Swedish is probably to have an internship and to combine that with studying Swedish,” he explained.

Note how the onus falls on the Swedes to make immigrants adapt, and not on the rioters.

Some of the immigrants in Husby are smarter than the Integration Minister:

Marianne Farede …  agreed that high youth unemployment was part of the problem, she put more blame on parents rather than a lack of support programmes from the Swedish state.

“It’s how they’ve been raised. Everything comes back to their parents,” she explained. “It’s not the state’s fault. You have to take control of your life…

“If I lived in my homeland, I wouldn’t have it as good as I do now. That’s something I really appreciate,” the Lebanon-born Farede explained.

“There aren’t enough who do appreciate what they have. They want even more…”

Shahnaz Darabi, … a native of Iran who has lived in Sweden for 19 years, also cited a lack of involvement by parents as a contributing factor to the riots.

“Parents are ultimately responsible. They need to set boundaries. They need to have more of a check on their children’s lives,” she said…

Darabi believes that too many immigrant parents fail to integrate into Swedish society, thus making it harder for their children.

“Many sit at home and watch television from their home countries, don’t learn the Swedish language, they are out of work and living on benefits and can’t move forward. They are stuck,” she said.

“It’s the individual and parents who need to take responsibility. But many don’t; they only think about money and how to get benefits this month and next month. That affects their children. There has to be a limit. The state has given them too much, frankly.”

Sweden has swallow(sic)  something it cannot digest.


Muslim youths torch another 100 cars in Stockholm last night.

I Think They’re Trying to Tell Us Something
John Hinderaker at Power Line discusses the immigration crisis in a politically correct Western world.

One of my favorite adages goes like this: Any damn fool can learn from his own experience, what you want to do is learn from other people’s experience. Actually, you could say that the ability to learn from other people’s experiences is the only thing that makes human progress possible.

The Europeans have had a lot of bad experiences. A few of them we have learned from; most, sadly, we haven’t. But let’s just focus on one issue for a moment: immigration. Europeans decided some years ago that it would be a good idea to import lots of North African and Asian Muslim immigrants. They didn’t think it made much difference whether these immigrants were compatible with them culturally, or even whether they were interested in assimilating…

… At one time, it was believed that the U.S. was better at assimilating immigrants than European countries. It was true, actually, for most of our history. But it isn’t true any longer. Immigrant children who attend public schools are taught multiculturalism, which is shorthand for the evils of America. We no longer make any serious attempt at assimilation; the very concept is foreign. Just imagine any public school teacher talking about “Americanism.”

Read the whole thing here.

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