UK: We will regret ignoring Asian thugs who target white girls

How Paki pimps use “racism” to terrorise their underage victims:

Nothing to do with Islam, as always, they’re just “Asian thugs”, not soldiers of allah emulating Muhammad:

In a particularly warped twist, the pimp will teach his victim that her parents are racist towards Asians, which is why they disapprove of their relationship – absolutely nothing, of course, to do with him being a violent, controlling thug…..   (Telegraph/Allison Pearson)


Over at the rabid Islamo-promo site “Islamophobia Watch” a pervert who calls himself Eddie Truman sees a different evil:    Allison Pearson uses sex crimes to stir Islamophobia


A Paki turd from Karachi by the name of Bina Shah hastens to deflect from the crime in stereotypical Mohammedan fashion:


 Yes, these men have been taught that white girls have no value, but this attitude is neither representative of all Pakistani Muslim culture, nor exclusive to it….

Oxford sex abuse: ‘Victorian’ misogyny is evident in all cultures which emphasise female purity   

Good grief! Paki Muslim “culture?” WTF is that? Victorian misogyny? In Pokistan? Heavens!

Oxford grooming gang:  We will regret ignoring Asian thugs who target white girls

What a god-awful mess this country has got itself into over multiculturalism, and once again our fear of racism will lead to the betrayal of hundreds of young girls

Rochdale, Rotherham, Derby, Oxford. The towns change, but the pattern is always the same. Gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani Muslim heritage, lure white girls as young as 10 with gifts and displays of affection. Next, the girl is raped as a way of “breaking her in”. Once the child’s spirit is subdued, and her mind fogged with drugs, she is sold for sex to multiple men at £200 a time. If the girl tries to break away, a gang member might threaten to behead her or firebomb her home. Mohammed Karrar, who was found guilty in the Oxford sex-grooming case this week, took a scalding hairpin and branded one girl so she would know she was his property. Later, the gang gave the same girl a DIY abortion. She was 12 years old. And this, all this, is happening in Britain now.


In a particularly warped twist, the pimp will teach his victim that her parents are racist towards Asians, which is why they disapprove of their relationship – absolutely nothing, of course, to do with him being a violent, controlling thug. Gang members have grown wise to the wimpy ways of Western society. They exploit the fact that police, newly trained in “cultural sensitivity”, are terrified of being accused of racism. So the pimps operate with impunity until, years later, the slave girls find the courage to testify in court against their masters.

We all know what happens next, don’t we? Leaders of the Pakistani Muslim community – essentially a Victorian society that has landed like Doctor Who’s Tardis on a liberal, permissive planet it despises – are at pains to deny that the grooming gang’s behaviour has anything to do with ethnic origin or contemptible attitudes towards women.

Then Sue Berelowitz, the lamentably foolish deputy children’s commissioner, trots out her lame line that Asian men targeting white girls is “just one of a number of models”, even though such “models” account for an improbably large proportion of all gang sexual abuse. Did Berelowitz not hear Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for North West England, when he blamed “imported cultural baggage” for appalling crimes by members of his own community? “The men think that women are some lesser being,” he said.

The chief constable who was in charge while all that torture and rape was going on in Oxford appeared on Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday and said that she took “full responsibility” for shocking police failures. But, no, Sara Thornton, head of Thames Valley Police, would not be resigning. Why ever not?

Because saying you take responsibility is the new not taking responsibility, stupid. All that remains is for the panel on tonight’sQuestion Time to do a little gentle hand-wringing about the Oxford horrors before it concludes that no particular group is implicated in these vile, misogynistic crimes. And, once again, the fear of racism will have trumped sexism, and hundreds of young girls – or the “hollow shells” of girls, as one tearful copper called them – will be betrayed. Then we can all sit back comfortably and wait till the next hideous court case comes along, probably in Bradford, where at least 30 men have been arrested in the past few months over child sex-grooming allegations. Sue Berelowitz may believe the perpetrators could turn out to be Buddhist podiatrists. But I wouldn’t count on it.

At least some good has come from this spate of incredibly distressing cases. Those brutalised young women have not testified against their tormentors in vain. Courageous Muslim writers and community workers have spoken out with repugnance and great moral clarity. Kris Hopkins, the MP for Keighley and Ilkley, believes the police crackdown in Bradford reveals that the political correctness that made the authorities reluctant to act in the past is gone.

Maybe. But what remains is a political class still far too timid to challenge growing and alarming separatism in Muslim education and law. It is 30 years since I first taught English to Bangladeshi women in their flats in Tower Hamlets, and I still remember how those smiley, interested ladies shrank and cowered when their husbands came home. Only one thing can permanently change the misogynist behaviour of certain Pakistani men and that is the education and empowerment of their daughters. Female emancipation drags societies with even the darkest attitudes towards the light. But what hope is there of those girls getting the education and status they need to take their men to task?

Back in January, there was a profoundly disturbing case at Nottingham Crown Court. Adil Rashid, who had “raped” an underage girl, was spared a prison term after the judge heard that the naïve 18-year-old attended an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless. Rashid told psychologists he had no idea that having sex with a willing 13-year-old was against the law; besides, his education had taught him to believe that “women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground”.

If the fresh-faced Rashid had picked up that view in a madrassa in Karachi it would be profoundly depressing, though not surprising. But the school he attended was in Birmingham, for heaven’s sake! Although it cannot be named for “legal reasons”, the school is voluntary-aided – mainly funded by the taxpayer. At this hugely popular Islamic school, where a majority of pupils are from a Pakistani background, boys and girls are taught in separate classes; a segregation policy no normal comprehensive could get away with.

Rashid’s barrister said: “The school he attended, it is not going too far to say, can be described as a closed community.” So, the defence against a rape charge by a young Muslim living in 21st-century Britain was not just ignorance of the law (which should be no defence at all). It was that the law and, indeed, the values of the wider country, were irrelevant in his Islamic school, even though it was a state institution funded by citizens who would go straight to jail if, for instance, they tried to have sex with a child.

The fact that the judge accepted Rashid’s defence shows what a god-awful mess this country has got itself into over multiculturalism.

I reckon Britons in a hundred years’ time will look back at us in outraged astonishment for allowing Islamic schools to flout the laws of the land and teach boys that women are worthless. All Islamic schools should be obliged to introduce mixed-sex classes, so boys can learn at first hand that girls are their equals, or those schools should be closed.

If you teach boys that a female is no better than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground, eventually you produce a pimp who thinks that you break a girl’s spirit as though she were a horse, before branding her with your initial. That man and those attitudes have no place, no place at all, in Britain now.

It’s sexual atrocities, it’s torture.

Esmerelda Weatherwax

The BBC and the nationals are suddenly starting to take an interest in the Oxford grooming (Bullfinch) trial.

They ran it like an organised business. Men who made money from abusing young girls while satisfying their own sexual gratification. In their police interviews, they said little or nothing – even when pressed.

But despite their silence, officers pieced together a harrowing picture of disturbing abuse, which was presented to the jury at the Old Bailey.

Young girls were groomed, raped, abused and sold for sex by the gang of Oxford men, who have now been convicted of a catalogue of sex offences.

Det Insp Simon Morton, of Thames Valley Police, said: “They start out at 11 or 12 as ordinary girls, in our case, and by the time they’re finished they’re hollow. They are shells of what they should be and the little girl in there is gone

“It’s sexual atrocities, it’s torture.

“You can’t report it, you can’t put it on TV, you can’t write it down. We have had members of the press in tears in court. It’s been horrendous.”

I said when it started that I feared it would prove to be one of the nastier grooming trials so far.

Mohammed Karrar was the most prolific offender in the case. The 38-year-old’s family is thought to originate from Eritrea, in East Africa, but he grew up in his parents’ house on the Cowley Road.

The brothers separately and together subjected victims three and four to a string of violent and sadistic rapes, often leaving them injured.

After grooming them for about a year, they took them to other places around the county to be sold and raped in hotels and “brothels for young girls”. Other men paid them to play out sadistic sexual fantasies and gang rape victim four.  Mohammed Karrar forced victim four to have an illegal backroom abortion when she became pregnant. She was 12 years old.

The BBC is still omitting to mention these details.

The ‘extreme physical and sexual violence on the girls’ using knives, meat cleavers and baseball bats. They were ‘humiliated and degraded’ bitten, scratched suffocated, tied up beaten and burnt.

The CUSTOMERS who ” would pay up to £600 to have sex with a 12-year-old girl because of her “soft baby skin“,

The branding to show that the slave was his property: Mohammed Karrar, 38, allegedly pushed a metal hair clip he had shaped into an ‘M’ and heated with a cigarette lighter onto her buttock. Prosecutor Noel Lucas QC said: “He told her he wanted people to know she belonged to him.”

A CHILD was gagged, whipped, and tied up while she was made to act out “sexual fantasies” for groups of men, the Old Bailey heard this morning. Known as Girl 4 as she cannot be named, she said: “I have been horse-whipped, I have been cuffed, and I have been tied with a shirt tie.”

Witness describes how Mohammed Karrar assaulted her aged 12 with “toys”. “I said please don’t, it really hurts.” Karrar told the child: “This will help you take more.”

There is at least one other man charged recently and the police have appealed for any other girls abusedby the men to come forward.

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  1. Sheikh

    Almost all major towns and cities in the UK have these gangs of Muslims using young girls, nay children as sex slaves. This came to light atleast ten years ago when Labour was in power. I have no doubt that the police were restrained from doing their duty.

    Labour is worse the plague.

  2. These Asian thugs who are Muslims and target White girls for many evils are themselves evil. They need to be punished. The punishment needs to be hard and long. These wicked guys and their wicked religion.

  3. For paedophile sex slavery the perps should be chemically castrated and sentenced to hard labour.

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