Vienna: “dialogue and coexistence” means no criticism of Islam

Christian Zeitz, the Secretary of the Vienna Akademikerbund, is an outspoken critic of Islam.  Earlier this year I had the pleasure to meet with him in Vienna.  I can assure you that he is a man of firm convictions, and he knows his Islam. For that reason, he is now being rejected from the ‘interfaith’ circus, a farce if ever there was one.


Austria: Catholic parish caves to Muslim demands, disinvites Islam critic from interreligious dialogue panel — Muslim Brotherhood spokesman welcomed

This is the way interfaith “dialogue” usually goes: anyone who speaks the truth about the global jihad, Muslim persecution of Christians and Islamic supremacism is dropped after demands from the Muslim side, although Islamic supremacists are welcomed. The Catholic side is, as always, completely ignorant, naive and supine.

“Catholic Parish in Vienna Invites You to Interreligious Dialogue – an Islamist Dictates Who Can Speak: Catholics Uninvited,” from the Eponymous Flower, May 27 (thanks to JW):

Edit: so much that’s wrong with cultural life in the West is contained in this story.

(Vienna) During the event, “Long Night of Churches” the Archdiocese of Vienna invited a panel discussion, “dialogue and coexistence of different cultures and religions – a real possibility or illusion,” in the Catholic Church in Danube City of Vienna. The Catholic parish had invited four speakers: Islamist Iman Tarafa Baghajati of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Protestant Superintendent, Thomas Henne Field, the Buddhist Marina Gong Myo Jahn and the only Catholic speaker, the Secretary of the Vienna Akademikerbund, Christian Zeitz. Against the participation of Zeitz, a man of clear words, who is known for his criticism of Islam, the Islamist Baghajati, protested and threatened to boycott the event, should the invitation for Zeitz be upheld. The Protestant Superintendent joined willingly to the Islamist protest. The Catholic parish caved. Seitz was uninvited. What the Islamist and in his wake, the Protestant Superintendent, mean by “dialogue and coexistence,” they vividly demonstrated with their boycott threat, which was tantamount to exclusion and a muzzle.