Wally’s Fairness Doctrine

Wally’s mask is slipping.  Despite his endless use of “we”, he is obviously not on “our” side.




According to Waleed Aly, terrorism is an “irritant” that “kills relatively few people”. We should be “mature” in dealing with it. But Aly is angry about drones:

The central problem is drones permit a kind of no-risk, low-cost warfare.

As opposed to high-risk, massive-cost warfare. Bring back the glory days of World War I.

War is a kind of contract. Each side confronts the other, with the risk of death and defeat.

Andrew Bolt replies: “There is no contract of the kind you imagine. The contract a society has is actually with its citizens, not its enemies. That contract is to fight for the society’s self-protection using whatever means it has to minimise its own losses and maximise those of its foes.” Quite so. Aly continues:

In short, war should come at a cost.

Yes. To the other guy.

That contract is shredded when you’re attacked by something that cannot itself be killed.

You can’t kill a suicide bomber once he or she has already detonated, pal. Besides being “irritants”, they’re also in breach of Aly’s contractual code.

It’s not remotely a fair fight. It’s scarcely a fight at all.


For all the horror, pain, and gore of the battlefield, there’s something to be said for it. It’s one of the very best reasons every nation has not to go to war … The prospect of waging a war without sacrifice is a frightening prospect.

Depends whose side you’re on.

The historical record suggests our every military development seems to have made war less and less costly for those waging it, with horrific results.

The historical record “suggests” this? Can’t get anything past our alert academic. As for the “horrific results”, I’d suggest Aly check the casualty figures from earlier global conflicts.

And in the meantime the ratio of civilian casualties to those of combatants has ballooned.

Which brings us back to those terrorist “irritants”, who specifically target civilians.

The very idea of low-cost war is an illusion. Someone will always pay the price. If not soldiers and politicians, that leaves the people who shouldn’t be made to pay.

Go tell it to Islamic terror groups, Waleed, whose drones differ only from the airborne variety in that they have pulses. For a time.

 Lord  Wally Haw Haw, on the public purse. He, and his enablers are  a disgusting disgrace.

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