We’re all MuBro’s Now!

Amazing what can be achieved when the Muslim Brotherhood influences US foreign policy.
  • We have seen Hilary Clinton overriding Congress to pay 1.5 billion to the MB in Egypt.
  • And now her successor, John Kerry, wants to gift the Palestinians over $4 billion.
  • Note that the US is bankrupt with a debt ceiling around $16 trillion.
How to achieve peace in the Middle East?
Don’t worry: deep down, they really really want peace!
2. The solution is to throw billions at the Palestinians  (who could possibly be more deserving?)
Sound reasonable? How could any sane government do this?
  • UNRWA already has wasted hundreds of millions and the EU claims only 5% of this money can be traced.
  • Palestinians are already the most heavily funded refugees per capita in the world.
  • Pal Arabs are among the fattest people in the world.
  • They have received over ten times per person than an African refugee has.
Kerry does not understand the Muslim Brotherhood “Project” document and should be sacked. The Project demands that a perpetual state of war exists and the Palestinian issue is a wedge.
Just think how many rockets the Palestinians can buy with all this funding?  The Muslim Brotherhood should be declared a terrorist organisation and banned.
See: Muslims are just like us!  All they really want is the “Pursuit of Happiness”
“Islam: The Pursuit of Happiness”, the three-day annual convention aims to promote peace and tolerance in society. Read more about ICNA and its mission here, and more about Boston’s imam and his mission here.