“Wonderful news from England. A terrorist pig from the British army has been slaughtered by our brave brothers. Allahu Akhbar!

In Norway, the controversial Oslo resident Arslan Maroof Hussain (27) , better known as “Ubaydullah Hussain”, has applauded the brutal murder. Last night he wrote on his Facebook profile:

Norwegian Enricher Expresses Solidarity with the Woolwich Butchers

Ubaydullah Hussain hails the machete-killer in London


“May Allah SWT reward their actions and intentions and humiliate the enemies of Islam in the worst possible way.”

Hussain was previously featured as one of the most attention-seeking Islamists and has at times also been referred to as leader of The Prophet’s Ummah , which is under investigation by the Oslo police and the Police Security Service.

From Dagbladet thanks to Vlad Tepes

18 thoughts on ““Wonderful news from England. A terrorist pig from the British army has been slaughtered by our brave brothers. Allahu Akhbar!”

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  2. Love your neighbor as yourself. He who loves his neighbor, loves God, for God is love. Do not murder, the 10th Commandment given to Moses. Any religion that encourages murder is not of God, for God is love and if one loves his neighbor it is because God is with him. He who hates his neighbor knows not God.

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