Banning of Geller and Spencer from UK

EDL Speaker Robert Spencer: Fascists and Islamic Supremacists Banned me From Britain – IBTimes UK

Speaking from the United States after Theresa May personally intervened to ban him, Spencer said: “It is a victory for fascism and Islamic supremacism, and for the mendacious smear campaign conducted by Keith Vaz and Hope Not Hate. …

In FrontPage this morning Robert Spencer shows that it is perfectly acceptable to speak about jihad violence in the UK, as long as you’re for it. If you oppose it, watch out.

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From the ‘voice of (ignorant) free expression’

This is one of the worst cases of immoral relativism ever. The mad scribbler of this article throws  Geert Wilders, the BNP, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Spencer & Geller in one pot.

Britain’s bar on anti-Muslim activists travelling to the country could do more harm than good, says Padraig Reidy

Pamela Geller (Pic Mark Tenally/Demotix)Pamela Geller (Pic Mark Tenally/Demotix)

“Counter-jihadists” Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been banned from the UK, according to letters apparently sent from the Home Office they have posted on their respective websites.

The pair were due to address a rally this weekend in Woolwich, London, scene of the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on 22 May. Rigby’s killers have claimed to be acting in the name of Islam, and had links to banned extremist group Al Muhajiroun.


The Home Office letters quote Geller and Spencers words as justification for their exclusion; Geller apparently claimed that Al Qaeda “is Islam”, and Spencer says the religion “mandates warfare” against non-believers.

Is there anything al Qaeda has done that’s not Islamic? Is there one honest Muslim anywhere who denies that Islam mandates warfare against non-Muslims?


This ban is not without precedent: we know that the Home Office maintains a list of people who are prohibited from entering the country. When then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith released the names on the list in 2009, it included anti-Muslim activists and preachers, as well as Russian neo-Nazis, Hamas member Yunis Al-Astal and the entirely ridiculous Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist church.

Dutch MP Geert Wilders was banned in 2009, though he later appealed that decision and won, finally entering the country in 2010, to, it must be said, little fanfare.

Back at the time of Wilders’ original ban in 2009, I wrote:

“Traditionally, censorship has been used in an attempt to quell dissent and opposition, and in large part of the world it is used against progressive movements. But when we seek to censor reactionaries, such as Wilders, the BNP, or Hizb ut-Tahrir, we allow them to see themselves, and portray themselves, as the dissenters, the truth-tellers. The notion of oppression, of suppression, is now almost essential to any political movement’s sense of self.
“Censorship lends an air of legitimacy to arguments that may not necessarily warrant it. In this sense, it is as insidious when used against bad arguments as when used against good ones.”

The co-ordinated statements on Geller’s and Spencer’s websites bear out their new found status: “In not allowing us into the country solely because of our true and accurate statements about Islam, the British government is behaving like a de facto Islamic state. The nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead.”

Their enemies are rejecting the truth: sound familiar? They crave martyrdom, perhaps not of the exact kind jihadists believe will bring them reward in heaven but nonetheless the kind that allows them to be seen as suffering for their righteous cause.

In any war-of-civilisations vision of the world, it is liberalism and tolerance that is the real enemy, and in this case, liberalism has shot itself in the foot by using draconian measures.

In a 1994 article for Index on Censorship, the late philosopher Ronald Dworkin argued:

“The temptation may be near overwhelming … to declare that people have no right to pour the filth of pornography or race-hatred into the culture in which we all must live. But we cannot do that without forfeiting our moral title to force such people to bow to the collective judgements that do make their way into the statute books. We may and must protect women and homosexuals and members of minority groups from specific and damaging consequences of sexism, intolerance, and racism. We must protect them against unfairness and inequality in employment or education or housing or the criminal process, for example, and we may adopt laws to achieve that protection. But we must not try to intervene further upstream, by forbidding any expression of the attitudes or prejudices that we think nourish such unfairness or inequality, because if we intervene too soon in the process through which collective opinion is formed, we spoil the only democratic justification we have for insisting that everyone obey these laws, even those who hate and resent them.”

This is the problem with banning people such as Geller and Spencer, Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and others: Once we have an established principle that we can ban people who have not actually committed a crime in this country, on the grounds that what they say may not be conducive to the public good, then we risk an ever higher stakes game: the next time a controversial Muslim preacher passes through the country, there will be cries that that person was allowed in but not Geller; likewise when the next Geert Wilders enters, it will be asked how come he can enter, but Zakir Naik cannot? And on it goes, grievances building.

If these people break the law while in the country, and are prosecuted and barred, whether for hate speech, incitement to violence or relevant criminal offences, then at least it can be said that we are all subject to the same law, and the law has been broken. But this pre-emptive extra-judicial move is a strategy that risks undermining cohesion and entrenching bitterness in an already vicious argument.

British Ban now International Incident

Pamela Geller

Twitter is blowing up (no pun intended) and freedom lovers started this petition. Sign it.

Here’s some of the new coverage – how the media struggles with what to call us. Pathetic.

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Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been prevented by Home Secretary Theresa May from entering the UK to speak at rally of the English Defence League in Woolwich, close to where a British soldier was killed by alleged Muslim militants in May.
The UK’s Spiteful Double Standard

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This is what has happened to Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. The pair were coming to Britain in the wake of the jihadist murder of the soldier, Lee Rigby, to show solidarity with those who believe in freedom for all from the threat of theocratic fascism …
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The Jewish Press - ‎1 hour ago‎
British media sources are reporting that the bloggers Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugged) and Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) have been banned from entering the UK. They were banned as their entry was considered to “not be conducive to the public good”, …

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  1. Perhaps the UK government will listen if hundreds of people threaten to boycott UK as a tourist destination as well as boycott UK products.

    1. “Bloggers” is used to belittle and denigrate them.

      When a mental turd like Juan Williams tells Michelle Malkin on Fox TV that he is “a real journalist” as compared to her, who is ‘just a blogger’, you know what the real meaning is.

  2. “Someone” (cough cough) should show a huge list of what the UK obviously DOES consider as contributing to “the public good” – you know, headlines about islamic rape-gangs; photo-op handshake meetings between known muzi terrorists and Camoron government ministers, (and Dhimmi Prince Chuckie;) the devastation of the tube bombings aftermath, etc etc etc.

    Just sayin!’


  3. J’ACCUSE:

    David Camoron (no spelling mistake) and his “Home(for Islamic terrorism) Office to be (at best) complicit in:

    1. The decapitation murder of the young English Soldier and father, Lee Rigby.

    2. giving the freedom to “groom” and then to use as sex slaves English girl (and boy) children to more than 50 muslim gangs

    3. defaming the EDL as “extreeeeeme right and worse” because they were the first to rise the alarm about (2) above.

    4. Ban the Authors and anti-islamist-terror activists, Pamela Geller and Rober Spenser to enter England because they (unlike Camoron et al) condemn openly Islamic extremism and sauvage Jihad eg butchering of people in the streets of London, packraping children and using as them sex slaves, blowing up people in buses and trains etc.

    5. And lastly I accuse Camoron and his accomplices to be responsible for all future terrorist and criminal acts in the name of allah and islam in the U.K. and all western countries.

    1. They are certainly willing accessories and complicit enablers of all islamic crimes, and so of course also for gross criminal negligence, abdication of office, dereliciton of their sworn oaths and duties to defend their citizens.

  4. Cameron and his handmaid Theresa May have surrendered to supremacist Islamic fascism by placing it above criticism. They have decided that men of violence may not be criticized in public discourse, because they might become upset and MORE VIOLENT.

    Vlad is correct ‘they have abdicated their office and sworn oaths and duties to defend the citizens’ rights’.

    Cameron and May have decided that the right of free expression is too hard to defend.

    1. Yes indeed these traitors would inflict on us all the false and victim-blaming notion that it should now be ‘illegal’ to accuse these criminals (moslems) of their crimes, if doing so might offend them and hurt their feelings with the often-painful truth (that they are, in fact, really only criminals, and that their main alibi excuse “God told us to commit these crimes! Capisce?”! won’t hold any weight with any of us any more) and so “make” them commit even more crimes!

      Since their previously accepted responsibility to evenly and universally enforce the law seems beyond them these days, their commensurate rights to enjoy privilege, authority, and government salaries should also be rescinded by their obvious abdications of their duties of office.

      They have de-facto resigned their duties to defend the public, so they should leave office at once, or be forced out into the streets by the populace &/or arrested by the police for criminally negligent treason.

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