Germany: from Stasi to Nazi and back

Deutsche, kauft nicht bei Juden

“Strangely enough, no special labels have been issued for Chinese products made in Tibet, or Russian products from Chechnya.”

This is an absolute outrage, one that is both morally obscene and historically indefensible, and the government of Angela Merkel should be ashamed of itself for going along with such a discriminatory practice.

7527223In a throwback to its darkest past, the German government recently decided to back an initiative which singles out Jewish-owned businesses and targets them for detrimental treatment. Joining 13 other European Union members, Berlin has reportedly agreed to support efforts aimed at applying special labels of origin to products manufactured by Jewish owned factories in Judea and Samaria.

Germans accuse U.S. of Stasi tactics before Obama visit

(Reuters) – German outrage over a U.S. Internet spying program has broken out ahead of a visit by Barack Obama, with ministers demanding the president provide a full explanation when he lands in Berlin next week and one official likening the tactics to those of the East German Stasi.–Germans accuse U.S. of Stasi tactics before Obama visit

German TV crew attacked outside mosque by mosqueteers

TV news does everything in its power to make it look not connected to islam or the mosque

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Thanks to their miserable state-run media, Germans have been in the tank for the Moonbat Messiah from day one.

But now there’s suddenly disenchantment: US Prism Scandal ‘Security Is Not an End in Itself’

How much monitoring is too much and at what point does freedom become compromised? With its Prism spy program, the US has crossed the line. A Commentary by German Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger more… [ Comment ]

“The Germans are poorer than the average Europeans, they die earlier, they have no children, and even the immigrants run  for the hills because they do not want to live any longer with them.”

“We’re satisfied that we have children. In 15 years we will be  more numerous than the Germans…” Mélenchon said. “Those who cling to life have no desire to be German…..”EU-dimbulb Jean-Luc Mélenchon said on Sunday evening on public radio station France Inter.

That would include the Mohammedan kiddies that will come to bite ze Fwench in ze ass……


Just like cancer; (or should we say… just like the Nazis?)

Number of Islamists in Germany Grows

Intelligence Report: Number of Islamists in Germany Grows

In its annual report on extremist activity in Germany, the country’s domestic intelligence agency has identified a surge in support for Islamists and growth in the number of influential neo-Nazi music groups.more… [ Comment ]

New report highlights secretive EU funding of anti-Israel NGOs

Europeans aiding the “Palestinian” jihad. “New Report Highlights Secretive EU Funding of Anti-Israel NGOs,” by Rina Tzvi for Israel National News, June 9 (thanks to Voice of the Copts):

In a new report presented to members of the European Parliament, NGO Monitor details the damaging impact of highly secretive European Union funding for radical political advocacy Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

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