How do you single out a billion radical headbangers?

Indonesia’s Islamic Tolerance:

Java’s last synagogue torn down — after being sealed off by Islamic supremacists in 2009

 “Java’s Last Synagogue Torn Down,” by Camelia Pasandaran for the Jakarta Globe, June 15 (thanks to JW):

Singling out a billion Muslims

The Joy Of Offending A Billion Muslims – Pat Condell Comments On Viewer Mail

More from Mullah:

The Two Faces of Islam

Muselmaniacs will talk about tolerance and ecumenism while a minority. But when Muslims are the majority, they tend to kill and persecute as they systematically do today throughout the world.–All this is best explained by ‘the example of the Prophet himself.

Woolwich outrage: we are too weak to face up to the extremism Muselmaniacs in our midst

Despite the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, David Cameron has failed to act against Islamic terrorism

WTF did you expect?

The BBC quickly changed the subject. After a day or two focusing on the crime itself, the reports switched to anxiety about the “Islamophobic backlash”.

Figaro’s Jihad

Spain: Muslim hairdresser arrested after he claimed to have been sent by Allah to “kill all the Spanish”

Why did Allah bother to create all the Spanish if he was just going to raise up this clown to kill them all? Islamic jihadists, oddly enough, never ponder such questions. “Terrorist hairdresser nabbed by Majorca police,” from The Local, June 14 (thanks toThe Religion of Peace):

Police in Majorca arrested a “radical” hairdresser on Thursday after he claimed to have been sent by Allah to “kill all the Spanish”.

UK: Muslim gang shouts abuse at young air cadets at Army barracks

“A group of Asian youths  Koranimals were outside the barracks and were abusing the cadets as they came out.” “Asian” is British media code for “Muslim.” This Muslim gang despises the air cadets because they reject all non-Muslim authority and believe that the British are fighting against Islam in Afghanistan.

“Police probe ‘racist’ cadet incident at army barracks,” from the Lancashire Evening Post, June 13 (thanks to JW):

A disgusted father has told how a group of young air cadets were racially abused by a gang who waited outside Preston’s Territorial Army barracks.

Iranians have real choice: