Ipswich: Islamic leader would not walk with EDL again

The EDL would be well advised not to walk with zebiba boyz like Abu Muntasir.

The leading Ipswich community leader who joined members of the EDL in a procession to the town’s Cenotaph earlier this month said his move was “politically naive.”


 Its obvious that Abu Muntasir got a fair bit of blowback from his coreligionists. Siding with the kafir is considered a heinous crime in Islam.

Muntasir has an impressive resume’ and a history of  cultural enrichment that is as terrifying as a halal butcher in a kindergarten. Abu Muntasir has been doing da’wah in the UK for almost 30 years, has 12 children and runs a marriage service. (you know what that means.) Anwar Al-Awlaki was a speaker at the JIMAS conference (that’s Abu Muntasir’s organisation) both in 2002 and 2003. He is connected to the shadowy  Mahabba network and Islamic circles which promote views like this at taxpayer expense.

In other news:

For those who missed Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League interview  on BBC Radio, here it is and well worth a listen.

3 thoughts on “Ipswich: Islamic leader would not walk with EDL again”

  1. The muslim is NOT a leading community member – it is a muslim and they contribute little to Ipswich or its environs.

  2. His resume is also not impressive – I would not bother using its IT services but then again I will never need them. Incidentally, I could also imagine that its business has been promoted and financed by muslims to provide a ” success story”.

  3. As suspected – muntasir is the chief of a muslim based charity JIMAS, His resume seems to be intended to convey the idea that he is a top line IT consultant – this he is not. I will check on his real IT credentials, but you do not become a top line IT person by running islamic marrage and fund raising activities. He may have worked in a minor role in some IT businesses, but he does not appear to have ever been a major contributor. The claim he makes is similar in nature to that made by Morsi. Additionally the school from which it got its qualifications is not top grade in this field. There seems to be a little bit more to the man and his backers than what is available to the public eye. That he has backers seems certain – who they are should be a concern.

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