Is David Cameron a false flag operative?


David Cameron backed violent fascist UAF organization that featured London jihad murderer as a speaker


Video evidence has been discovered that links the British Prime Minister to Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo. Digital Journal is believed to be the first media outlet to break this story.

UAF backed by David Cameron

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron is a founding signatory of the far-left, extremist Unite Against Fascism (UAF) organisation, which has previously attacked political opponents with darts and clawhammers and has been involved in many violent confrontations with the British police.

Robert Spencer:

It may have been the socialist demagogue Huey Long who said that when fascism comes to America, it will be in the guise of anti-fascism; whoever said it, the point holds true nowadays not only for America, but for the West in general. The “United Against Fascism” group is a truly fascist gang of violent thugs who are bent on attacking and silencing those who are resisting the advance of jihad and Sharia in the West. That Mujahid Adebolajo, the jihadist who murdered British soldier Lee Rigby on a London street last week, would have spoken for them is no suprise. Note that the British police canceled a peaceful event by our sister group SIOE in order to placate these goons — and “anti-fascists” have menaced our pro-freedom events all over Europe. The fact that David Cameron would have supported this gang of fascists is just the latest indication of his abject cluelessness — and that of Western leaders in general.

“David Cameron backed organisation had Woolwich suspect as speaker,” by Richard Milnes for Digital Journal, June 1 (thanks to JW):

Video evidence has been discovered that links the British Prime Minister to Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo. Digital Journal is believed to be the first media outlet to break this story.UAF backed by David Cameron

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron is a founding signatory of the far-left, extremist Unite Against Fascism (UAF) organisation, which has previously attacked political opponents with darts and clawhammers and has been involved in many violent confrontations with the British police.

As previously reported by Digital Journal, the UAF is believed to be a front group for the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and has high-ranking SWP members as officers including Weyman Bennett and formerly Martin Smith (known as Comrade Delta in the alleged rape scandal). UAF also has a Muslim extremist, Azad Ali as vice-chair.

Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was speaker at UAF Harrow rally

In the video footage, Michael Adebolajo, can be seen whipping up a largely young Muslim crowd attending a UAF demonstration outside Harrow mosque on the eighth anniversary of 9/11 before they violently attacked the British police. The purple banners of UAF can clearly be seen at the demonstration.

Due to the levels of violence and intimidation by the Cameron backed UAF, the British police caved in and cancelled a peaceful demonstration by an organisation called Stop the Islamification [sic] of Europe (SIOE) in case the UAF savages killed a police officer.The leader of the mosque described UAF as “very irresponsible”.

David Cameron Declares War on the EDL

Written by Paul Weston, Liberty GB

David Cameron’s Con/Lib government really doesn’t like the English Defence League. Here is Cameron on the EDL:

The hon. Gentleman speaks not only for his constituents, but, frankly, for the whole House in deprecating the English Defence League and all it stands for. On its attempt to say that it will somehow help to restore order, I have described some parts of our society as sick, and there is none sicker than the EDL.

When Cameron talks about Islam though, he adopts a slightly different approach:

Many Muslims I’ve talked to about these issues are deeply offended by the use of the word ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ to describe the terrorist threat we face today … it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.

So some Muslims feel upset that Islamic terrorists are carrying out terror attacks both in the name of Islam and in accordance with the Koran, which Cameron apparently sympathises with, but when it comes to the EDL he hates everything they stand for?

But what does the EDL stand for? They would rather our vulnerable young girls were not gang-raped; that sharia law should have no place in Britain; that young girls should not suffer female genital mutilation; that imported imams should cease encouraging sedition, terrorism, anti-Semitism, the murder of homosexuals, the inequality of women etc. etc. etc.

And Mr Cameron is against the EDL and All It Is For?? The British government, police and media were able to keep the countless Muslim gang-rape abominations away from the mainstream news headlines for over a decade, so perhaps one can understand Cameron’s hatred of the EDL, without whom the internationally embarrassing Muslim gang-rape news would have been buried for another decade – along with several thousand new victims…

So no one should be surprised that a traitor and a Quisling – for that is what David Cameron is – who clearly hates his traditional country and people, should now be trying to designate the EDL a terrorist organisation with a view to closing them down completely.

In order to do this, he has assembled a varied group of high level people to get the process under way. Cameron, incidentally, does not mix socially with the centre-right. Cameron clan dinner parties hosted by his allegedly Marxist wife attract predominately the great and the good of the leftist world, which perhaps include The Guardian’s Mark Smith, who wrote the following on 13 March 2013:

The EDL is exploiting concerns about sex-grooming gangs to fuel its anti-Islam agenda and help forge networks with far-right groups across Europe, according to a university report … Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens of KCL’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation said: ‘The EDL has successfully exploited concerns about the sex-grooming gangs in the north of England, turning the issue into one of Islam versus the west … there’s a danger that the UK will export this kind of vicious, far-right activism to the rest of the continent.’

The EDL and its partners have worsened community tensions and further promoted ideas that helped inspire the Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik … this ‘rape jihad’, as it has become known, is a significant concern for the EDL, says Melagrou-Hitchens. ‘Interest has risen since revelations in the British media about the existence of sex-grooming gangs made up of Muslim men of south-Asian origin.’

The far-right group is sharing these tactics with partners in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other countries, the report found. The EDL has had an online presence for some time but it is making efforts to move to the physical world … the attacks in Norway [Breivik] were the first example of an individual inspired to pursue terrorism in direct response to perceived Islamisation, and they are unlikely to be the last.

Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, the author of the report quoted by The Guardian above, is no lightweight. His organisation, based at King’s College London, is called the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) which is a counter-terrorist organisation taken very seriously by the British government.

The ICSR held a conference recently, which it described as follows:

At this major conference, experts, analysts and policymakers from across Europe will discuss the evolving threat from a new breed of far right extremists, the so-called ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement. The event will also launch ICSR’s latest policy report A Neo-Nationalist Network: the English Defence League and Europe’s Counter-Jihad Movement written by Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens and Hans Brun.

There were some very influential people present at this conference, including: Ian Bradshaw, from the ‘Tackling Extremism & Hate Crime Division’ of the government’s Department for Communities and Local Government. Matthew Collins, Hope not Hate. Jonathan Birdwell, Demos. Maria Margaronis, The Nation. Magnus Ranstorp, Swedish National Defence College. Vidhya Ramalingam, who specialises in countering far-right extremism, from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, and Professor Roger Griffin, Oxford Brookes University.

The conference was moderated by Professor Peter Neumann and Dr. John Bew of ICSR and was hosted in partnership with the Community Security Trust (CST); the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies  (CATS) and the Swedish National Defence College which has high-level military links.

The keynote speech at this ICSR conference was delivered by the Conservative minister James Brokenshire, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Security, who made some of the following observations, as reported by the London Evening Standard:

Right-wing extremists could pose an al-Qaeda-style threat in Britain, the security minister warned today. James Brokenshire said the ‘ugly face’ of the far Right was a ‘real’ danger to public safety and had the same aim as Islamist extremists of wanting to reshape society … He warned of the risk of attacks by Right-wing ‘lone wolves’ (AKA Breivik, Author’s note).

He also said the activities of the English Defence League could ‘stoke radicalisation’ and push people towards terrorism. Such groups “can provide ‘gateway ideologies’ through which individuals may migrate to more extreme organisations. … where these lines blur, from a counter-terrorism perspective, is where the real risk lies.”

The people at this conference ranged from the neo-communist hard-left, through to genuine military counter-terrorism departments and high level politicians. When they invoke al-Qaeda and Breivik in relation to the EDL we can see clearly the direction David Cameron is taking. This is a blatant attempt to link the EDL with genuine terrorism in order to close them down.

This is just the first stage. Get genuine counter-terrorist organisations and friendly left-wing media outlets like The Guardianto denounce the EDL, link them to Breivik and al-Qaeda and then get Britain’s government security chief to say the same. Stage two – having set the EDL up for a fall – is to place an MI5 man within the organisation; give him a fake bomb and a handy mosque and arrest him in a huge televised police operation just before he was due to “set it off” then blaze the headlines across the country:  “EDL Terrorist Bomber Arrested at East London Mosque” and Bob’s your uncle, proscribe the EDL under counter-terrorism laws.

If they succeed in this, which I think they will, then Britain will have taken just another step toward temporary totalitarianism which will be replaced well before 2050 by outright Islamic rule. Cameron is now on the list of Quislings who must one day be held accountable for treason.

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