‘Misguided and irresponsible’: the Beep back-pedals furiously after giving EDL leader a chance to speak

The complaints are really that Tommy was given a chance to speak at all on the BBC – because, like the BBC interviewer, the complainers clearly can’t defeat his arguments – nor trip him up. He has become an excellent spokesman.

“Attacks against muslims” is newspeak for “critizing the islamic ideology online”. Claims that Muslims have been attacked have been debunked as BS. And yet ‘authorities’ keep  pushing this rubbish uphill as if their lives depended on it.

BBC criticised over Today interview as EDL leader Tommy Robinson warns: ‘it’s not going to end pretty’

The Beep has been ‘misguided and irresponsible’ for much too long now.

BBC criticised over Today interview with EDL leader Tommy Robinson
English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson warned: ‘It’s not going to end pretty’ (Picture: EPA)

The BBC has been criticised for carrying out an interview with Tommy Robinson, the leader of the far-right group the English Defence League, on Radio 4 this morning.

Some listeners branded the interview on the Today programme ‘misguided and irresponsible’, with criticism the corporation didn’t provide a counter-argument to Robinson’s comments.

During the interview on Tuesday morning, Robinson called for all aspects of Sharia Law to be outlawed and the detention of Islamic extremists.

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He claimed the ‘non-Muslim working-class communities’ in Britain did not have a voice and warned of the perceived situation – ‘it’s not going to end pretty’.

He also acknowledged some of the EDL’s tactics were ‘completely questionably’, but added: ‘What choice do we have as working-class people’.

Robinson said he ‘utterly condemns’ attacks on Muslims and denied his far-right group had been behind the attack on an Islamic community centre in Muswell Hill last week, which saw the building burned to the ground.

EDL graffiti was found on the building, but Robinson told the BBC: ‘If something was set fire and someone wrote David Cameron on the side of it, does it mean he did it?

‘If I’m honest, I’m completely sceptical that it is even non-Muslims that have done that.’

Tommy Robinson acknowledged some of the EDL’s tactics were ‘completely questionably’
Robinson acknowledged some of the EDL’s tactics were ‘completely questionably’ (Picture: Getty)

The Mirror’s political commentator Kevin Maguire and former Labour MP Denis McShane were among those who criticised the BBC for giving Robinson airtime on its flagship radio news programme.

A spokesman for the broadcaster defended the interview though, saying in a statement: ‘Today’s programme looked at the recent rise in Islamaphobic attacks, such as the recent arson attack on a London mosque.

‘The BBC has a responsibility to both report on the story and to try to offer insight into why it is happening. The EDL are a key part of the story and we believe it is important to reflect the fact that opinions such as those of Tommy Robinson exist.

‘His views were challenged and we spoke to guests with alternative opinions elsewhere in the programme.’

Commander Simon Letchford of the Metropolitan police revealed this week attacks against Muslims have risen sharply in the wake of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

Mr Letchford said around eight Islamophobic incidents a day were taking place in London, up from the usual rate of a single daily incident.

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  1. Blimey a big clanger drop by the marxist broadcasters,a big surprised there interviewed Mr Robinson as heavily inclined to interview Choundray and gush over his point of view and allow him to preach his hate and promote the words of a paedophile cult.

    The media in the Uk is pathetic as at present on CH4 ,another anti-west,white,democratic and christian hating station,called ”free speech”…well it’s anything but that,it’s another orchestrated show to portray a false picture of British culture.A carefully chosen audience of people who grew under Liebour’s dictatorship which was exposed to leftie brainwashing that Goebbels would have been proud of and selected panel who are black,asian,half-chat and the white women whose only ethnic contact is with the asian shopkeeper ”whose a nice chap so all are nice it’s whites who are wrong” so really comical.Everything is the white’s fault as we won’t bend over to accommodate invaders who hate us,as we should work and the invaders should be given hand outs etc etc so here you will never get a true picture from the media.

    Reference Mr Letchford, BS is BS even from a police commissioner but i would like to know why he order extra police to watch islamic sites but while our churches and places of worship and war memorials were being vandalised,islamic graffiti on them,clergymen attack by asians or threatened etc there didn’t or still don’t get the same consideration.

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