No, there will not be any change after the Woolwich slaughter

After Woolwich, what will change?

As long as Douglas Murray  uses foggy terms like “Islamism”  instead of Islam, and as long as the political elite is not forced to admit to the horrible reality of the jihad against Britain there will be no change.

“Theresa May knows what it is necessary to do to fight Islamism – but her hands are tied.”
I would dispute her competency. And our fight is not with “Islamism” or “Jihadism” or “extremism”, this is genocidal Islamic jihad against our civilisation and culture.

Too many people and powers in place to stop this country doing what it needs to do. (That’s probably true)

3 thoughts on “No, there will not be any change after the Woolwich slaughter”

  1. Just doing a little looking into Boris Johnson, he who declared along with his rival (in more ways than one apparently) David Cameron, that Woolwich had nothing to do with Islam and guess what: Through his father he is a great-grandson of Ali Kemal Bey who was for a time the Interior Minister in the government of Damat Ferid Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire. It would seem to his credit that Ali was vociferous in condemning the factions which implemented the Armenian genocide (but also was anti-Kemal and was murdered for being so). Nevertheless Boris does have some family bias towards protecting muslims.

  2. What happened in Woolwich has EVERYTHING to do with Islam.We don’t want this religion here anymore! If Muslims want to live in this country then switch to another religion! I am no longer tolerant of this religion and no longer wish to see Muslim women covered from head to foot in a Hijaab or whatever you call it! You are in my country now!

  3. Michael Adebolajo seems more confident in court than Boris Johnson or David Cameron in public. Sinn Fein leaders in recent years described a Real I.R.A. killing as “nothing to do with Irish Republicanism.” There may well be a ‘motive’ right or wrong, but “nothing to do with…” doesn’t mean ‘nothing,’ it means ‘something to do with..’ and it looks like we’re going to discover what.

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