Outrageous! Morsi appoints Islamic headbanger who murdered tourists in Luxor to governor

His appointment stirred outrage in some quarters.

CAIRO: A member of the mass-murdering gang who  killed 58 foreign tourists  in Luxor in 1997 was sworn in by Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi Monday as governor of the vital tourist region.

“No to the terrorist governor!” read one placard at a demonstration by dozens of tourism workers who protested outside the governor’s office in Luxor.


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With Mubarak gone, the rabble steals whatever they can:

 “groups of children pass by us, grinning, armed with spades with which they dig out artifacts and sell them. People don’t like our presence here.”

Raymond Johnson, the director of the archaeological mission from the University of Chicago in Luxor, said: “This is a disgrace, it’s a real tragedy. After the meeting with the minister they increased the number of guards, but many of them are from the same families as those that pillage the site.”  (temple of mud) ( BCF)

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