The “Founding Founders” of Obamastan

Founding Founders


From the White House that brought you “man-caused disasters,” “shared prosperity,”  “overseas contingency operations” and “kinetic military action,” check out this new entry in the public lexicon: “Founding Founders.”


Religion of Trappers & Hijackers 

Thanks to Mullah

More  Moronic Gobbledygook and Mumbo Jumbo from Religion of Peacenix:

Canadian Muslims feeling the heat

Canadian muslims are trapped between lone-wolf terrorists and Islamophobes (allah, the evil god of Islam,  trapped them)

Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan

Canadian Muslims, trapped between lone-wolf terrorists and Islamophobes determined to malign an entire community for the crimes of a few, are hoping Canadians will remain fair-minded and rebuff the purveyors of hate and lies. …

… This is where the Islamophobes come in. They assert that Muslims hate the West and threaten its survival. US Islamophobes like Pamela Geller and Daniel Pipes come to Canada to spread their venom disguised as freedom of speech. They are abetted by the hatemongers in Canada. … More venom-spreading at Saudi Gazette via Mullah

Religion of Hijackers

Religion is hijacked to suit people’s agendas (these droppings are published to suit people’s agendas)

Religion is hijacked to suit people’s agendas

Imran Tufail is a member of Berkshire Islamic Information Group and speaker on Islam

… It’s unfortunate religion has been hijacked to suit people’s agendas.

The Quran clearly states: “Whoever kills an innocent person, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind.” 5:32. … (but they never tell you the full verse because ….?) More regurgitated droppings at GetReading (via Mullah)

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  1. Some more success for obama in the White House.

    USA – you folks voted this corrupt P.O.S and its corrupt colleagues into power – despite having received clear warnings the first time it got to play in your seat of government. Through your stupidity you have brought significant hardship onto many and this will take some time to redress.

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