When Islam Assumes “Its Natural Dominant Role”

Local Khomeinist Zafar B. Calls for Islam to Assume “Its Natural Dominant Role”– (Scaramouche)


…when Islam assumes “its natural dominant role,” things tend to turn into a shambles such that people in lands dominated by Islam often end up fleeing to the “colonialist” West. Once there, more than a few do what they can to ensure that Islam will assume “its natural dominant role” there, so the West can become a shambles, too. (In this the West, courtesy its self-loathing dogma of multiculturalism, is eminently supine and compliant.)

Yes indeed.

And once they have their feet on the ground they work diligently against their ‘oppressors’

Muslims Of Calgary… again: “We should instill in our children the importance of taking revenge on the Jews and oppressors…”  (BCF)

‘All over the world today Muslims are victims, we are targeted everywhere and in every-way’, claims chairman of the Muslim Council of Calgary.

Is there anyone in Canada  delusional enough to believe that Muselmaniacs contribute some kind of cultural enrichment, he is sadly deluded.