Why bring in people who make Australians less safe?

Why bring in refugees who make Australians less safe?

“Refugees” they are not. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

If they are Muslims they should  be sent straight back to where the Muslim ummah reigns, because Islam obliges the believers to  look after  each other.

But not only Muslims cause trouble:

Andrew Bolt

To say something risks making law-abiding African refugees the target of racists.

To say nothing risks making law-abiding Australians the target of violence.

But we are importing a problem, however some may wish to hide that ugly fact. If we can’t find ways to make African refugees fit in better, we must ask if it is fair on Australians in poorer suburbs to bear the costs to their safety.

From Melbourne and Dandenong in just the past two months (and note, these are allegations only):

May 23:

SIX thieves armed with bottles threatened a 30-year-old man and woman, 32, in a car park in McCrae Street, Dandenong, about 8.30pm on 16 May.

They were walking to their vehicle when four men and two women, described as African, approached and demanded their money and belongings, saying “give me your money or I’ll stab you”.

May 7:


POLICE are looking for three young men who attacked and robbed a man in Sunshine…

Brimbank’s Inspector Chris Gilbert said the men hit the victim in the head before stealing two mobile phones.  Police said the men were believed to be under 18 and were of African appearance.

May 7:

POLICE are searching for a man who attempted to snatch a handbag from a woman in Sunshine… He was described as being aged about 20 and of African appearance.

May 7:

[Two men] were ruthlessly bashed by the gang of youths, who repeatedly kicked and stomped on their heads even after they had handed over all of their possessions.

The pair were attacked in the Fitzroy Gardens… They are of African appearance and are described as tall and skinny.

May 5:

A GANG of girls who punched a woman [in St Kilda West] and tried to steal her phone and handbag is being hunted by police… They are described as African, in their late teens to early 20s, with braided hair.

April 26:

… a 25-year-old Dandenong man was attacked after he withdrew cash from an ATM about 12.50am…

His attackers, described as two men of African appearance, took his wallet and fled.

April 21:

Two men assaulted a taxi driver and attempted to rob him in South Melbourne on 21 April 2013… Both men are described as being of African appearance.

April 13:

POLICE are investigating after men carrying an axe and bat wearing a scream mask attempted to raid an Endeavour Hills milk bar last week…

The first man is described as being of African appearance, about 180cm tall, he was wearing a hooded jumper and had a bandana or something similar covering his face. The second man was also of African appearance, about 175cm, was wearing black clothing and a Scream mask.

From last August a rare admission – of the kind made dangerous under our racial discrimination laws:

POLICE have blamed a lack of support services for high levels of crime among Somali and Sudanese youth…

Victoria Police statistics showed that Sudanese or Somali-born residents were five times for likely to commit a crime that the wider community and a high number of offenders were aged under 21.

A previous police commissioner, Christine Nixon, deceived Victorians about this, falsely claiming:

Sudanese refugees are actually under-represented in the crime statistics… (W)hat we’re actually seeing is that they’re not, in a sense, represented more than the proportion of them in the population.

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