Yet another Muslim paedophile ring who drugged, raped and sold schoolgirls into prostitution

Sick of reporting it:

Three (Musel-)men arrested including 81-year-old after vulnerable schoolgirls were raped and sold into prostitution by a paedophile ring

  • Two other suspects, 48 and 49, also held in raid on guest house in the city
  • Officers from Operation Bullfinch – a sex ring probe – searching the premises
  • Seven Oxford men were found guilty of sexual abuse at Old Bailey in May

And yes, they are as fuggly as they look: Read more

In other news:

Koranimals tried to blow up the EDL for “insulting of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)”

EDL leader Tommy Robinson and a group of his supporters have gathered outside the Old Bailey to see “justice done” as six Islamic extremists face sentencing for planning a murderous attack on a rally.(PuffHo)