European governments speak as enemies of Israel

Europe’s “Moral Values”

by Guy Millière/Gatestone

European governments speak as enemies of Israel, behave as enemies of Israel and take decisions only enemies of Israel would take. They are at war with Israel. There is no doubt they hope for results similar to those at Auschwitz, just by other means. If moral values are what Israelis and Jews are looking for in Europe, they are looking in the wrong place.


For nearly two millennia, the European continent has been a land of persecution and hatred for the Jewish people. The blood libels and the vilest accusations against the Jews have been accompanied by violence, pogroms, and confinement in ghettos and of course death camps. Eight decades ago, in the 1930’s, anti-Semitism was considered honorable and aroused few objections. Later, the Nazi machine set into motion the “final solution,” and zealous collaborators existed in virtually all of continental Europe. “Willing executioners” were not only Germans far from it.  —Continue Reading


Hezbollah’s Wonderful Wings

by Douglas Murray

Last Monday the EU bravely managed to ban what it terms the “military wing” of the terrorist group Hezbollah. It has not, of course, banned the “political wing.”–Continue Reading


Playing for Islam Against Ourselves

By Daniel Greenfield

We are no longer bidding for the Muslim world as an ally. We are bidding to prevent it from being our enemy. But the very people we are bidding for, already see us as the enemy. We are not going to change that with free weapons and speeches praising their enlightenment. (Mullah)

Ex Gitmo Ape Moazzam Begg Calls For Taliban To “Storm Gitmo”

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Ex Gitmo Ape Moazzam Begg Calls For Taliban To “Storm Gitmo”

Begg believes that working for the release of prisoners who have been captured when engaged in “jihad” is a religious obligation which falls on all Muslims. So, of course, he’s a supporter of these prison breaks.–Moazzam Begg Calls For Taliban To “Storm Gitmo” (Harry’s Place)


You knew this was coming:

Dirty Kafir must not impose his filthy views on Muslims

LANCASHIRE Council of Mosques chairman Salim Mulla has criticised former county leader Geoff Driver for imposing his animal welfare views on the Muslim community. Salim Mulla wants his halal slaughter done without stunning.

Raymond Ibrahim on Egypt and what the Western media isn’t reporting on the Obama admin

Posted on July 31, 2013 by Eeyore


Hundreds of men who took up arms against President Bashar al-Assad are defecting back to the government side. 

Disillusioned by the Islamist twist that the “revolution” in Syria has taken, exhausted after more than two years of conflict and feeling that they are losing, growing numbers of rebels are signing up to a negotiated amnesty offered by the Assad regime.

Was Muhammad a Pedophile?  (CodeWit)

This is one of the best articles we’ve seen on the subject. The writer carefully explores the evidence and even considers the apologists’ arguments before reaching much the same conclusion that we do.

Islamization in Spain  (YouTube)

(Video) Politically correct Spain recently celebrated its own invasion (of 711). Now some there are waking up to the reality of Islamic immigration.

Australia and KRudd’s PNG “Solution”


46.000 asylum shoppers have been dumped on the mainland, while more than 1.000 drowned at sea. Its not simply about the billions of dollars we  taxpayers have  to cough up to maintain this bleeding heart goodness;  its about our future and the birthright of our children. I wonder if we still have one.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Kristiani Herawati

How many West Papuans need to die before their cry for freedom is heard by the World? (source)

Alan talks to the recently elected Governor of Oro Province in Papua New Guinea about the Rudd Goverment’s PNG policy:

This is important. Be informed!

Its quite clear after this that KRudd is trying hoodwink the nation once again with smoke and mirrors. Did you know that there are more than 10.000 genuine refugees hauled up in PNG from who fled the jihad/genocide from the Indonesian military? These people need our help. The Middle Eastern Muslim asylum shoppers, jihadists, criminals and invaders have no right whatsoever to settle among us at our expense. Keep them out!

Its encouraging to see Australian politicians offer more positive policies on how to curb  the criminal invasion by Mohammedan asylum shoppers.

Our satisfaction with this policy progress was confirmed when the ghastly Green leader Milne denounced the big parties’ recognition of the patriotic pulse as a a race to the bottom by both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.


The bottom? That’s where the Greens will be when the votes are counted, and that’s what Milne is talking out of!

It is clear that KRudd has no  principles at all and is now being compelled to act under pressure from an angry eletorate, fed up to the back teeth with the asylum shoppers crass ingratitude, the arson and violence they display as examples of the  only contribution they bring to the Australian way of life.

But KRudd’s gone too far down the reality road to retreat, surely. And to give credit where credit is due, he did pick up on a key theme we at RRA have hammered for ages, the urgent necessity to disentangle Canberra from that crazy  UN Convention, which has empowered rogue judges to thwart democracy.


 Indonesia’s genocide in West Papua now targets the sacred culture that has existed for thousands of years there

Now we have Abbott proposing a tent city! 

Rather than waste more money from the Oz public purse on more substantial accommodations, which the bludgers would, sooner or later, in one of their regular recrudescences of savagery, destroy, tents are not such a bad idea.–Slightly edited from Ross Rightangle


Bill Warner: Jihadists Bombing the Buddhists

American Thinker

The jihadists — on this occasion the Indian Mujahadeen — are at it again. On a Sunday in July nine bombs went off in Buddhism’s most sacred place, Bodh Gaya in India. The jihadists said the bombing was in retaliation for the Buddhists resisting jihad in Myanmar. This would be the equivalent of bombing the Wailing Wall, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bethlehem or the Kabbah. But, since Buddhists are the least political of all religions, the media barely noticed.


 In other news:

The Sri Lankan government has ordered a mosque be relocated after Buddhist monks threatened to demolish it because they said the 50-year-old structure had been built illegally in an area sacred to Buddhists.

Continue reading Bill Warner: Jihadists Bombing the Buddhists

The Revolving Doors of Islamic Prisons

Paki Talibandits raid prison,   free  hundreds

About 250 inmates escape in attack that also left six dead and eight injured in northwest city of Dera Ismail Khan.
Last week: al Qaeda raid on Abu Ghraib springs hundreds of hardcore headbangers
Mourners pray over the coffin of a victim killed during the assault on Taji prisonMourners pray over the coffin of a victim killed during the assault on Taji prison. Iraqi authorities said that raid failed to free any inmates.

Al-Qaida in Iraq has claimed responsibility for deadly raids last week on Abu Ghraib and Taji prisons which freed hundreds of prisoners, including some of its followers.  (Source)

My people, my people:

Obama Secretly Releases Five Taliban Prisoners From Gitmo In Exchange for Peace Talks 

Another brilliant move by Hussein Obama.   The Obama Administration secretly released five Taliban prisoners from Gitmo. It was a nod of willingness to open peace talks. (Funny that there is never any signs of “willingness” from the other side, don’t you think?

Why Are 104 Pali Terrorists Being Released?

What is truly puzzling about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposing to release more than 100 of the worst Palestinian terrorists to have ever murdered Israelis is that it is impossible to figure out any reason for him to do so. It is not just that one might oppose this plan, it is that I cannot think of a single reason for supporting it. Let’s go very carefully through the arguments, and try to find a reasonable one.  (Barry Rubin)

Al-Qaradawi: Mansour is clown, al-Sisi has no right to kill

MuBro wannabe Jew-killer Youssef al-Qaradawi, issued a televised statement on Al-Jazeera as a response to violent events in Egypt.

“Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi violated the oath he vowed to Mohamed Morsi,” said al-Qaradawi. The sheikh further slammed: “Al-Sisi thinks that the people gave him the right to murder and behead Egyptian citizens.” Al-Qaradawi called Interim President Adli Mansour “a clown”, and said the interim government under the rule of Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi is “a government of oppressors”.

Double Standards

Pamela Geller: ‘This outrageous double standard has to end’


Remember the sharia cop in Canada who strong-armed a rabbi into cancelling my talk at his shul? You didn’t think I was going to just let it go, did you? Inspector Ricky Veerappan of the York Regional Police force’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau, is currently under investigation for threatening Chabad Rabbi Mendel Kaplan into canceling my speech. I will be giving testimony the second week of August. The Kuffar is to be regarded with contempt and hatred, for failing to accept the true message of Muhammad:Pamela Geller, WND Column: Investigation into Police intimidation in Canada

The Maghrebins “wanted to leave behind a sign”.

Moroccans In Italy Express Their Eagerness To Integrate  by Hugh Fitzgerald

The Kuffar is to be regarded with contempt and hatred, for failing to accept the true message of Muhammad…..

Saudi princess bolts

In the Muslim Arab lands of the Gulf, everything is for sale, everything can be paid for. And it is also recognized in the law, that the payment of blood money to the relatives of someone you’ve killed, in return for the familiy dropping any claim for the state to enforce the criminal law, is accepted practice.–Saudi Princess Posts $5 Million Bail, Doesn’t Show Up For Arraignment

What was five million dollars to her family? Nothing. Nothing at all. 

Professor Steven Plaut on Israel’s Release of Terrorists

The outrage that Plaut expresses here parallel’s my own and perhaps millions of Israelis and Zionists in the Galut. How Netanyahu and every member of his Cabinet can sleep at night after this calumny is unimaginable. More from  Steven Plaut’s blog

Israel was created for the simple purpose of proclaiming to the world that the Jews are NOT Untermenschen whose lives are worthless and whose murder does not count.   Those who threaten Jewish lives will be exterminated.  That is why Israel exists.  This is the raison d’etre of the state.   When Netanyahu abandons this, he undermines the purpose and legitimacy of the country.   Someone who refuses to accept this axiom as the fundamental basis for the existence of the state is unworthy of holding office in Israel.

Rabbi: Why Hunt Down German Nazis, but Release Muslim Nazis?

Running out of virgins:

Qaradawi Summons Foreign Jihadis to Martyrdom in Egypt

Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi—one of the most influential Islamic clerics in the world, author of over 100 books on Muslim doctrine, head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, and spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood—has just posted a new videowhere he calls on all the Muslims of the world to come and wage jihad with their lives in Egypt on behalf of “what’s right”—that is, the return to power of the Muslim Brotherhood. He called on everyone and anyone—the “sons of Al Azhar,” businessmen, journalists—and from all around the world, specifically mentioning Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Senegal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan.


Qaradawi called on them to be shuhada, “martyrs” who sacrifice their lives in the course of the jihad. Several Egyptian religious authorities have expressed surprise at Qaradawi’s reckless call for jihad in Egypt, saying the latter is not part of Dar al-Harb (Abode of War) where jihad should be waged to bring non-Muslims under Islamic authority, but rather is part of the Islamic world, where Islamic authorities like Qaradawi should be calling for peace, not promoting more bloodshed between Muslims. Amana Nasir, professor of doctrine and philosophy and former dean of humanities in the Alexandrian branch of Al Azhar called Qaradawi’s remarks products of “senility, not wisdom,” adding that “I’m surprised that Qaradawi sealed his life with such words void of understanding.”

More Double Standards, Pandering Cocksucking Dhimmitude


Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defense League appearing on cable TV’s #1 rated news show, the Bill O’Reilly Report, last night. Robinson asserts Muslim immigrants are over-running the country, and worse, just outright refusing to assimilate to British culture. He mocks Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister David Cameron for his inability to tackle the rising problem of Islamization of Britain.
If we bury our heads in the sand we are sleep walking into oblivion in this country… It seems like they’re terrified of them [Muslims] and they pander to them.
David Cameron our president is like the boy who has been bullied, and he’s trying to make friends with the bully cause he’s too scared to stand up to him.
They’re constantly pandering to Islam, and constantly worried about what the Islamic community will do, and how they will react to anything. (Elefantinthe room)

They’re constantly pandering to Islam, and constantly worried about what the Islamic community will do, and how they will react to anything.

Good Morning, Jihad

UK: A “bogus” Muslim – one claiming to have converted to Islam to get better conditions – was beaten up.

Why should Muslims get perks at all? Isn’t there one law for all?

“Bogus Muslim” causes prison riot

Soham killer Ian Huntley and other inmates at a top security jail spent three days on lockdown to prevent religious gang wars breaking out.

Shocker. Pal-Arabs Riot Over Peace Talks with Israel (GWP)

Angry Arab Muslims rioted today in the West Bank over the announced peace talks with Israel.

Brits inTurkey:

“Of all the foreigners who come here, English girls are the worst.  They drink until they don’t know what they are doing.” Many stagger past the mosque on to the beach to have sex or continue their drinking.

Islamists test ground in calmAllahu Akbar” In Ukraine

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine: More than a thousand bearded men, muffled in scarves and accompanied by veiled women, stand under the hot sun, waving black and white flags and chanting “Allahu Akbar!” (allah is the greatest … mullah )

No, Ho Chi Minh was not inspired by Thomas Jefferson


The former chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said President Obama’s comments about Ho Chi Minh and the Founders were insulting to every Vietnam veteran.Congresswoman: Obama Insulted Every Vietnam Vet with Ho Chi Minh Comments

So sad, so sad:

“The Dream” is black rule over whitey

“Defend the Dream” Race-Baiters to Hold Another Rally at FL State Capitol Tomorrow– The far left Dream Defenders are planning another rally Tuesday in the Florida State Capitol.

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” said Hussein Obama.


“7 years jail, 600 lashes for Saudi rights activist, lawyer says,” from AFP, July 29 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

Huma Abedin and the doctrine of DARURA

Darura means necessity. If necessary, Muslims are allowed any and all means to advance the cause of Islam. There are fartwas about widening the anus to carry explosives, even to engage in homosexuality if it helps to make Islam dominant. This is the overriding motive for the “elegant” Huma.–Robert Spencer: Why It May Be Easy for Huma Abedin to Stand by Her Man

Raymond Ibrahim:

Muslim Brotherhood Kills Its Own to Demonize Egyptian Military

 RaymondIbrahim discusses how the Brotherhood killed their own followers to implicate the Egyptian military. Since this article, more proofs have come out….

Interfaith outreach in Italy:

 “…. it appears that this was done by four young Moroccans. They showed their contempt for our religion. But if I did the same thing in a mosque, they would slit my throat, yes or no?”  said the priest.

Muslims loot church, urinate and defecate on altar

How’s that “dialogue” working for you, Bishop?

“Moroccans defecate on an altar in Italy,” from GalliaWatch, July 27 (thanks to JW):   a bit of news from the city of Serravalle a Po, in the province of Mantua in Lombardy, Italy.

31 migrants Mohammedan invaders drown en route to Lampedusa

The survivors of Friday night were a fraction of the more than 470 migrants who arrived on Italian shores in the space of 24 hours. The reception centre in Lampedusa is reported to be full to bursting following a surge in the number of arrivals.

Survivors say vessel capsized during attempted crossing from Libya to Italian island  (they died because allah wanted them dead.)

Camoron’s top Mohammedan “epitome of respectability” fails to meet conservative values…..

Just how many Mohammedan “advisors” does this phoney “conservative” need?

Cameron’s top Muslim peer, 72, his bewitching waitress 45 years his junior… and the toxic romance that’s enraged his wife

“To his many supporters in the Conservative Party, Lord Sheikh, a close adviser to David Cameron, is the epitome of respectability and a staunch advocate of family values.”

“Lord sheikh” asked the woman’s father for her hand in marriage, offering one kilogram of gold – worth around £30,000 – as her dowry.

Sheikh 23.jpg

  • Lord Sheikh went to Uzbekistan to ask for the woman’s hand in marriage
  • He dumped her the day before the couple were due to be secretly married
  • His wife Shaida confronted the woman when she learned of the relationship
  • Lady Sheikh is now seeking a divorce from her husband of 25 years

“Lord Sheikh”  often appears at Muslim events and made history when he set up regular Friday prayers at the House of Lords for Muslims of all parties.

Lord Sheikh accepted an invitation from  King Abdullah, the ruler of Saudi Arabia, to attend the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj last year, while the young woman was living at his London address, according to our sources.

Read more from the Daily Mail

Hussein Obama, The Biggest Fraud In American History …

Who gave the stand-down order?


REPORT: Injured Benghazi Hero Waited 20 Hrs For Help While Obama Campaigned

  • Benghazi Survivors Spent 20 Hours Waiting For Medical Help
  • David Ubben Fought Alongside FMR Navy Seal To Protect Consulate – Spent 20 Hours Waiting For Medical Help With a Shredded Right Leg!
  • New Details About Benghazi Survivor Who Risked Life To Save Colleagues

Report: Israel Bombs Another Syrian Weapons Convoy

Israeli air force jets reportedly bombed trucks carrying Syrian missiles to Hezbollah rebels in Lebanon.
Israel National News reported, via Free Republic: (GWP)

Egyptian security forces shoot dead dozens of pro-Morsi supporters

A Muslim Brotherhood website said 120 people had been killed and some 4,500 injured. A Reuters reporter counted 36 bodies at one morgue, while health officials said there were a further 21 corspes in two nearby hospitals.

After One Full Term of Obama… 4 of 5 American Adults Face Near-Poverty & No Work

PuffHo surprise:

ROBERT ZIMMERMAN: Civil Lawsuit ‘Might Not Be Very Flattering’ To Trayvon’s Family

If Trayvon Martin’s family decides to file a wrongful-death suit against George Zimmerman, they could be opening a Pandora’s box, according to Zimmerman’s older brother.The Huffington Post


Phoney R’Us:

Israel Agrees to Free 104 Palestinian Prisoners as Part of Possible Deal to Restart Peace Talks

Why? Insanity.  Read More »

Female terrorists Dalal Mughrabi, Wafa Idris, and others are role models for students, on PA TV

“Negotiations based on releasing killers have nothing to do with peace, or security, or morality, or truth”
Twenty-two years ago Rabbi Eliezer Weiss lost his wife Rachel and their three young sons in a brutal terrorist attack. The four burned to death in a bus targeted in a firebomb attack.
On Sunday morning, Rabbi Weiss learned that his children’s murderers are expected to go free in a mass terrorist release. The government is planning to free over 100 terrorists, several of them murderers, in a “gesture” to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

KRudd looking for votes in Afghanistan?

For a Prime Minister who claims to be more interested in governing, Kevin Rudd sure is doing a lot of campaigning lately.

No,  Ms Rein is not the  first wife of an Australian prime minister to visit a war zone. (Tim Blair)


ABC and Fairfax fall for more Rudd spin -  (The most interesting story of this trip may be how that claim came to be made and reported.)


MuBro’s in the White House


Not to worry: Obama will stand with his muslim brothers when the political wind shifts, no doubt about it:

Hamas-linked CAIR calls on Obama to condemn attacks on Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

The Investigative Project reported in 2007 that the FBI had identified CAIR as part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee.

Muslim Brotherhood top dog blames bloodshed on “haters of Islam”

True love can only be found among the brothers…….

263 Central Asians Detained at “Prayer House” in Moscow Suburb  (Vlad Tepes)

Imagine the valuable skillz these young men acquire during their jihadist adventures!

More Western jihadis fighting in Syria than in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia or Yemen

Eventually they will return home — to stop them would be “Islamophobic.” And then then it will get even more interesting. “Worries Mount as Syria Lures West’s Muslims,” by Eric Schmitt for the New York Times, July 27

Egypt: Assassin of secularist Farag Foda justifies his act:

“The punishment for apostasy is death”

Muhammad said: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57). The death penalty for apostasy is part of Islamic law according to all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. The Tafsir al-Qurtubi, a classic and thoroughly mainstream exegesis of the Qur’an, says this about Qur’an 2:217: “Scholars disagree about whether or not apostates are asked to repent. One group say that they are asked to repent and, if they do not, they are killed. Some say they are given an hour and others a month. Others say that they are asked to repent three times, and that is the view of Malik. Al-Hasan said they are asked a hundred times. It is also said that they are killed without being asked to repent.”

All the schools of Islamic jurisprudence teach that a sane adult male who leaves Islam must be killed. They have some disagreements about what must he done with other types of people who leave Islam, but they have no disagreement on that.

“Egyptian Islamist Justifies His Assassination of Secularist Intellectual Farag Foda in 1992,” from MEMRI, June 14 (thanks to JW)