Australia and KRudd’s PNG “Solution”


46.000 asylum shoppers have been dumped on the mainland, while more than 1.000 drowned at sea. Its not simply about the billions of dollars we  taxpayers have  to cough up to maintain this bleeding heart goodness;  its about our future and the birthright of our children. I wonder if we still have one.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Kristiani Herawati

How many West Papuans need to die before their cry for freedom is heard by the World? (source)

Alan talks to the recently elected Governor of Oro Province in Papua New Guinea about the Rudd Goverment’s PNG policy:

This is important. Be informed!

Its quite clear after this that KRudd is trying hoodwink the nation once again with smoke and mirrors. Did you know that there are more than 10.000 genuine refugees hauled up in PNG from who fled the jihad/genocide from the Indonesian military? These people need our help. The Middle Eastern Muslim asylum shoppers, jihadists, criminals and invaders have no right whatsoever to settle among us at our expense. Keep them out!

Its encouraging to see Australian politicians offer more positive policies on how to curb  the criminal invasion by Mohammedan asylum shoppers.

Our satisfaction with this policy progress was confirmed when the ghastly Green leader Milne denounced the big parties’ recognition of the patriotic pulse as a a race to the bottom by both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.


The bottom? That’s where the Greens will be when the votes are counted, and that’s what Milne is talking out of!

It is clear that KRudd has no  principles at all and is now being compelled to act under pressure from an angry eletorate, fed up to the back teeth with the asylum shoppers crass ingratitude, the arson and violence they display as examples of the  only contribution they bring to the Australian way of life.

But KRudd’s gone too far down the reality road to retreat, surely. And to give credit where credit is due, he did pick up on a key theme we at RRA have hammered for ages, the urgent necessity to disentangle Canberra from that crazy  UN Convention, which has empowered rogue judges to thwart democracy.


 Indonesia’s genocide in West Papua now targets the sacred culture that has existed for thousands of years there

Now we have Abbott proposing a tent city! 

Rather than waste more money from the Oz public purse on more substantial accommodations, which the bludgers would, sooner or later, in one of their regular recrudescences of savagery, destroy, tents are not such a bad idea.–Slightly edited from Ross Rightangle


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  1. Indonesia’s genocide in West Papua now targets the sacred culture that has existed for thousands of years there
    Posted on March 29, 2010 by Sentani
    Not content with killing over 400,000 indigenous Papuans since colonising the country in the late 1960s, Indonesia has now shown its intent to wipe out the remnents of sacred culture that have existed in West Papua since the Stone Age. New anti-pornography law will see remove the right of indigenous people to dress as they have done for centuries, with tribal men to be banned from wearing penis kotekas and women forbidden from wearing traditional grass skirts.

    In a land where playing traditional music has long been banned, and the raising of a flag lands people the risk of being shot or thrown in prison for 15 years, it comes as little surprise that Indonesia is now targetting one of the few remaining symbols of West Papua. This form of cultural genocide is another shameful chapter in the history of the Republic of Indonesia. Far from being a ‘democracy’, the Indonesian regime have attempted to silence the people of West Papua. Let us hope the cries and screams of terror coming from the West Papuan highlands will soon be heard by Western leaders. Time is running out for these people. The world must stand up to Indonesia as they did with the East Timor crisis in 1999. Lack of action now will be seen as unforgiveable by future generations when the Papuan race has eventually been eliminated.

  2. Lobby your governments about what muslims are doing to the West Papuans. This also means keep telling Indonesian tourists/students about what their country to doing to the West Papuans.

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