Brits Rejoice Over Royal Baby Mohammed


Once great Britain should submit and get it over with:

Back to reality:
David Camoron stands with Red Ken Livingstone

Take a look at the traitors who signed their name against the patriots of the EDL:  al Qaradawi, Abu Qatada and are not on the list, but it wouldn’t surprise me if these turds would make them honorary members….

Bangladesh seeks extradition of Muslim leader in UK so he can stand trial for war crimes

Looks like the nation of giggling shopkeepers has a big heart for Koranimals,  third world terrorists and genocidal mass-murderers……
Tommy Robinson Gives Sharia Lessons in BirminghamPosted on  by   (GOV)

“This [Mohammed] is a man that we SHOULD criticize. This is a man we have the RIGHT to criticize.”

The English Defence League organized a demonstration in Birmingham this past Saturday. For once the EDL supporters outnumbered the police — there were several thousand demonstrators hemmed in by about a thousand police. Check out this video to get a feeling for the size of the crowd.

When Tommy Robinson addressed the gathering, he took the opportunity to explain some of the important elements of Islamic theology and legal doctrine. Tommy told the audience that he had read the entire Sira [biography of Mohammed] by Ibn Ishaq while he was in solitary confinement last winter, and he quoted from it to help his listeners gain a better understanding of the Koran, the Doctrine of Abrogation, and the life of Mohammed:

It’s an impressive talk, one of the most substantive and inspiring that I’ve ever heard him give.

Kevin Carroll’s speech is also well with listening to, and may be heard here.

Other speeches from the demonstration are available at the EDL website.

3 thoughts on “Brits Rejoice Over Royal Baby Mohammed”

  1. While watching the video of Mr Robinson’s excellent speech i noticed that he has around him are a black man and a couple of asian and all three are holding placards in support of EDL causes….so another myth spread by the lefties demolished.

  2. @St. George,

    Muslim men who travel in groups like to target lone black men who are on their own or with young children.

    Around 2004/5, Darcus Howe did a documentary about the growing lack of solidarity between Asians and Blacks, although he did not mean to expose the (Pakistani) Muslims hostility towards blacks during filming, it was there for all to see on film.

    Here is another example by Howe on a similar topic:

    The real issue is not about race, but Muslim vs. Non-Muslims.

    It is no surprise that there were blacks there. I hope more British Black men join the EDL.

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