Dumbing Down

Harfart Rap, “build on the rich and complex hip-hop tradition”

“Having welcomed various artists and scholars, the Hip-Hop Archive and Research Institute is uncompromising in our commitment to build and support intellectually challenging and innovative scholarship that reflects the rigor and achievement of hip-hop performance,”  Marcyliena Morgan, professor of African and African American studies at Harvard, said in a statement.  (Dumbing down in LA)

Palis preferred:

Pat Dollard:

Rapper Akon Tells All Black People To Move To Africa: ‘This Is Not Your Country’

Some people think this is the best idea EVAH! But I won’t hold my breath…..

Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Consider Blacks To Be The Most Racist People In The Country

 Even blacks consider themselves to be the most racist people in America.

“Kill Whitey”

FLASHBACK, FEBRUARY, DEMOCRAT MEDIA HATE CRIME BLACKOUT: Atlanta Black Man Kills White Girl, Shoots 2 Others, Says Taught To Hate Whites By Liberal Professors

Nkosi Thandiwe says he wanted to kill white people after learning to hate them in college.

When Nkosi Thandiwe shot three white females in Atlanta, the “mainstream” media went into extreme CENSORSHIP mode. It was a top secret in the media that the victims were all beautiful, young white ladies. The Atlanta Journal Constitution even lifted information about one of the victims from a website that contained numerous pictures. The newspaper pretended like the pictures didn’t exist. (Excerpted from Top Conservative News, February, 2103)

Allen West On Media’s Anti-White Race War: