Good Morning, Jihad

UK: A “bogus” Muslim – one claiming to have converted to Islam to get better conditions – was beaten up.

Why should Muslims get perks at all? Isn’t there one law for all?

“Bogus Muslim” causes prison riot

Soham killer Ian Huntley and other inmates at a top security jail spent three days on lockdown to prevent religious gang wars breaking out.

Shocker. Pal-Arabs Riot Over Peace Talks with Israel (GWP)

Angry Arab Muslims rioted today in the West Bank over the announced peace talks with Israel.

Brits inTurkey:

“Of all the foreigners who come here, English girls are the worst.  They drink until they don’t know what they are doing.” Many stagger past the mosque on to the beach to have sex or continue their drinking.

Islamists test ground in calmAllahu Akbar” In Ukraine

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine: More than a thousand bearded men, muffled in scarves and accompanied by veiled women, stand under the hot sun, waving black and white flags and chanting “Allahu Akbar!” (allah is the greatest … mullah )

No, Ho Chi Minh was not inspired by Thomas Jefferson


The former chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said President Obama’s comments about Ho Chi Minh and the Founders were insulting to every Vietnam veteran.Congresswoman: Obama Insulted Every Vietnam Vet with Ho Chi Minh Comments

So sad, so sad:

“The Dream” is black rule over whitey

“Defend the Dream” Race-Baiters to Hold Another Rally at FL State Capitol Tomorrow– The far left Dream Defenders are planning another rally Tuesday in the Florida State Capitol.

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” said Hussein Obama.


“7 years jail, 600 lashes for Saudi rights activist, lawyer says,” from AFP, July 29 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

Huma Abedin and the doctrine of DARURA

Darura means necessity. If necessary, Muslims are allowed any and all means to advance the cause of Islam. There are fartwas about widening the anus to carry explosives, even to engage in homosexuality if it helps to make Islam dominant. This is the overriding motive for the “elegant” Huma.–Robert Spencer: Why It May Be Easy for Huma Abedin to Stand by Her Man

Raymond Ibrahim:

Muslim Brotherhood Kills Its Own to Demonize Egyptian Military

 RaymondIbrahim discusses how the Brotherhood killed their own followers to implicate the Egyptian military. Since this article, more proofs have come out….

Interfaith outreach in Italy:

 “…. it appears that this was done by four young Moroccans. They showed their contempt for our religion. But if I did the same thing in a mosque, they would slit my throat, yes or no?”  said the priest.

Muslims loot church, urinate and defecate on altar

How’s that “dialogue” working for you, Bishop?

“Moroccans defecate on an altar in Italy,” from GalliaWatch, July 27 (thanks to JW):   a bit of news from the city of Serravalle a Po, in the province of Mantua in Lombardy, Italy.

31 migrants Mohammedan invaders drown en route to Lampedusa

The survivors of Friday night were a fraction of the more than 470 migrants who arrived on Italian shores in the space of 24 hours. The reception centre in Lampedusa is reported to be full to bursting following a surge in the number of arrivals.

Survivors say vessel capsized during attempted crossing from Libya to Italian island  (they died because allah wanted them dead.)

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  1. ‘killing their own’ – moslems never take responsibility and just say ‘insha allah’ and then if the moslem(s) died for islam then it is just for allah anyway, to advance islam.

    Sometimes I think of weird things and think that if EVERYONE just converted to islam then moslem nations would not be able to think that they should kill anyone, demand more and more money or concessions. I think about these things but do realize that I would not/could not convert to such an evil ideology and in doing so would condemn my own to evil. The guy who thought about doing this and then getting the benefits was only thinking of the here and now, not the future. moslems kill more moslems than anyone else, and they beat up and torture each other too. So the idea is really stupid.

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