KRudd’s Chosen Parliamentary Secretary Ed Husic Swears Loyalty to the Koran

Rachel Olding from the extreme left  AGE defends the madness:

‘Shame, shame, shame’: Australia’s first Muslim frontbencher abused for taking oath on Koran

The Prime Minister’s new parliamentary secretary, Ed Husic, has been subjected to a torrent of abuse online for being sworn in to his position with a Koran.

Mr Husic became Australia’s first Muslim frontbencher on Monday when he was appointed to Kevin Rudd’s new-look ministry as parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister and parliamentary secretary for broadband.

“This is a wonderful day for multiculturalism, and everything it stands for in our country,” Governor-General Quentin Bryce told Mr Husic during the swearing-in ceremony in Canberra on Monday.

Governor-General Quentin Bryce is a rather dodgy kumbaya tart.

Ed Husic, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband, during the swearing-in ceremony at Government House with Governor-General Quentin Bryce.Ed Husic, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband, during the swearing-in ceremony at Government House with Governor-General Quentin Bryce. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen


However, after receiving dozens of messages of congratulations on his Facebook page, the comments quickly turned to disgust and outrage that he had chosen to be sworn in on the Muslim holy book.

Some called it un-Australian and unconstitutional.  (It is.)

“Our allegiance should have been to Queen and Country first Ed. That means saying the oath on the holy bible not the Koran…. Shame, Shame, Shame,” posted one user, Ross Peace. “I am so disappointed in this government that they don’t have the spine to stand up for the Australian way of life.”

Ed Husic, with the copy of the Koran with which he was sworn in as a parliamentary secretary.Ed Husic, with the copy of the Koran with which he was sworn in as a parliamentary secretary. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Another user, Therese Pearce, said she was “disgusted and embarrassed” for the Australian people.

So am I.

“Hell i might just have to use snow white and the 7 dwarfs next time i take the oath for australia,” she posted.

One user, Anna Dean, claimed his decision to be sworn in on the Koran undermined “our culture and country and constitution in this way”.

It does.

Another user, Carrie Forrest, accused him of disregarding Australia’s constitution and pushing for sharia.

Getting close.

Mr Husic has previously said that he is a moderate Muslim who does not involve himself heavily with most of the religious customs and behaviours of the faith.

If that was the case he wouldn’t swear on the Koran.

Asked about his religion in 2010, he told the ABC: “If someone asks me, ‘Are you Muslim?’ I say yes. And then if someone says, ‘Well do you pray and go to a mosque and do all the other things that are associated with the faith?’ I say no.

Taqiyya. Religiously mandated lying.

“I often get told that I describe myself as non-practising when in actual fact I don’t go round saying that. Like I just say ‘I’m Muslim.’ ”

That means he is a  Muslim. A”real one”.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said people should respect Mr Husic’s choice. ‘‘I respect his choice,’’ he told reporters in Melbourne. ‘‘I think the Australian people should as well.’’

Delusional. Creepy. Stupid beyond belief. 

President of the Anti-Discrimination Board and chairman of the NSW Community Relations Commission Stepan Kerkyasharian said it was “a sad day for any society” when someone is abused because of their religion.

Stepan Kerkyasharian? Sounds like an Armenian. 1.5 million murdered Armenians send their regards.

He said Mr Husic could act as a valuable bridge between the Muslim community and would put Australia at an advantage in the international community.

BS. He will  be on the side of the ummah against Australia.

“It should be an interesting and positive milestone that someone of migrant heritage has come to Australia and has now, through our democratic process, reached a position of leadership,” he said.

I’m not interested in stupidity and interfaith kumbaya.

Mr Husic, 43, the son of Bosnian Muslim migrants, became the first Muslim to be elected to Parliament when he won his western Sydney seat of Chifley in the 2010 election with 51.58 per cent of votes, almost double that of his next competitor.

If demographics are the deciding factor we are toast.

In 2010, he was sworn into Federal Parliament alongside members from several religions. Kooyong member Josh Frydenberg and Melbourne Ports member Michael Danby were sworn in on the Jewish bible.

The AGE had to mention that. The Jewish bible is something we can all relate to. Few Australians know what the Koran teaches.

Frydenberg is another fake conservative who supports this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 8.24.06 PM

Lawyer and community rights advocate Mariam Veiszadeh said there was too often an assumption that being a good Australian citizen and a good Muslim were “mutually exclusive concepts”.

It is.

“You can be a devout Jew and a good Australian parliamentarian who serves your country just as equally as you can be a practising Muslim and a good Australian citizen and politician,” she said.

You can’t.

“It is ignorant for people to conflate irrelevant issues and it stems from the Muslim bashing that has been going on in this country for a decade.”

“Muslim bashing?”  (You can’t make it up.)

Mr Husic played down the abuse on Tuesday afternoon by saying that people were entitled in a democracy to question his choice to be sworn in using a Koran and the public should not necessarily jump ‘‘because of harsh words out of dark corners’’.

‘‘[People] may have questions and they may have concerns and people are right to raise that,’’ he said. ‘‘But I also think you’ll have, from time to time, people of the extremes. There are people that are definitely extreme … and they will always try to seek ways in which to divide people. The important thing is [that] mainstream Australia wants everyone to work together.’’

He said he had been ‘‘heartened’’ by the huge number of congratulatory messages.

 I spit on these fools. So should you.

The establishment pollies support this:

MPs defend Husic, slam ‘appalling behaviour’

Read more:

13 thoughts on “KRudd’s Chosen Parliamentary Secretary Ed Husic Swears Loyalty to the Koran”

  1. Looks like Andrew Bolts turned into one of the multi culti sucks.

    Sickening. When that filthy book is touted around and quoted from before someones head is lopped off then to be used in the Australian Parliament is sad, SAD indictment on a country that prides itself on human decency and human rights.


  2. I thought the secretary was the girlfriend?
    It seems quite a number of years since we have had our first Koran swearing in in Parliament in NZ. Dismal..give them an inch and they will take whatever they can.
    Seeing that he is Bosnian , reminded of a Bosnian family of FAKE refugees I knew who enjoyed your generous hospitality by settling as ”refugees” in Perth but then as in our country , you have huge numbers of fakes.

  3. OK it’s Bad… I feel completely sickened. Betrayed. BUT i’m hopeful. If this move outrages enough swinging voters to assign Rudd and the ALP to the dustbin of political history then it’s good. Any Government that includes Chris Bowen – one of the greatest facilitators of Islamic Terrorism in Australia – MUST GO. Hopefully this will wake up enough Australians to throw them out.

  4. A Disgusting state of affairs Sheik.

    Quentin Bryce singing kumbaya stupid leftist tart.

    A great day for multiculturalism- brain up her arse.

    Thank God this ALP shit wagon will soon be gone.

    Another anonymous leafletting campaine is needed in his electorate.
    preferably one done properly unlike the incompetent Liberal Party.

  5. Pathetically, these people come to a Christian country after fighting and killing in their own. They just cannot help but fight those who oppose Islam which includes Christians. You only have to look at Iraq, Lybia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Lebanon, Yeman, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, Turkey, Indonesia to see either internal fighting, factional fighting or plain war! It wont be long until it starts here….and it will be on the heads of the current Government for making this happen!

  6. The infiltration proceeds, over here in sunny England we have a muslim as head of faith in the government and a muslim head of faith at al-bbc, doomed or what!

  7. Every one of us must write- not emails, but signed letters, on paper – to the PM and the Leader of the Opposition (*especially* the Leader of the Opposition) to register our alarm and our fury. Include a selection of quotes from the Quran, all of which are being zealously put into practice in many Muslim lands these days.

    I suggest 4:34 (the wife-beating verse), 65:4 (the verse that explains what little girls who haven’t yet got their periods are to do *when they have been divorced*) 48:29 (Muslims are harsh to unbelievers but compassionate only to fellow Muslims [though as we see, that ‘compassion’ seems to extend only to ‘other fully-sharia-compliant Muslims of the right sect’]), 5: 51 ‘Believers [that is, Muslims] take not the Jews and Christians for your friends’; 9:5 (the Verse of the Sword) and 9:29, the one that sets it all out – the three choices of conversion, dhimmitude or death. One could throw in the Hadiths (Bukhari and Muslim) about how the Last Days won’t come till the Muslims kill all the Jews, and the Hadith [Bukhari Vol 4 Book 52 Number 260) about killing apostates.

    Ed Husic, a Muslim, taking oath on the Quran, is functionally equivalent to an acknowledged neo-Nazi taking oath on a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’.

    Use that analogy, folks.

    Actually, is anyone in or around Canberra game for a public reading from the Quran? With selections from the Sira and Hadith as well (guided by, say, Mr Spencer’s ‘The Truth About Muhammad’?). Right there on the grass on top of the Wombat Hole (i.e. Parliament).

    Video it and put it on youtube.

  8. “…a muslim head of faith at al-bbc, doomed or what!

    Ach so: that explains the preponderance of paedophilia at the al-BBC.

  9. Multiculturalism is an offensive policy to those Australians whose ancestors built the country. It implies that someone who got off the plane has as much a right to the benefits of Australia as those who toiled for 200 years. A lot of Australians have only one passport and know only one country. Its time to abolish this odious policy.

  10. Yes we must respect freedom of religion but the problem is that Islam is actually not a religion in the western sense. It is a complete blueprint for a way of life with a constitution all of its own called ‘Sharia’.
    There would probably never have been an Australia if Islam succeeded in conquering Europe, it was only stopped at the Battle of Tours and the Siege of Vienna.
    Countless millions of people have been slaughtered in the name of this so called ‘religion; when it built its vast empire.
    Islam should be banned in western lands.

  11. Faith in imaginary Allah is a form of mental disease.
    The fairies at the bottom of my garden are in total agreement!

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