Massive riots by muslims against police in Hamburg Germany. No English news.

Ramadan Riots in Hamburg Germany. No English news available yet.

Posted on July 14, 2013 by Eeyore & TT

For the past few nights, there have been so many muslim riots that in German news it actually made a headline when there were no riots last night.

Three Nights of Muslim rioting in Hamburg Altona (Vlad Tepes)

This report is based on a PI News article and other news sources explaining the many-night riot and attacks on police in Germany by muslim mobs. So far there is still no English news on this.

In front of a camera Muslims lie brazenly and distort what really happened.

No matter where Muslims live, they are always innocent victims. The bad guys are always the others, because Muslims are, after all, permanently and everywhere oppressed, harassed and discriminated against.

I love it. Its so true:

“In Germany right now, it is a punishable offense to call an asshole an asshole”
(Henrik Ræder Clausen for ICLA in Vienna OSCE meeting)

Looks like the carbeques have already started (again) in France.

From Le Parisien: Molotov cocktails against buses……..

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  1. No surprises, it’ll get worse year by year. Muslim loons need to get out of Europe. No to sharia, not to loss of European identity.

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