Morsi Out. Now What?

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Egyptian army tells Morsi he is no longer president

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So did Morsi:  Morsi Says His Blood is Cheap Price to Pay; Oil Spikes; Did We Learn Anything?

Egyptians may be Muslim, but they aren’t THAT stupid. They know that Obama isn’t on the side of the people.

BREAKING: MORSI GONE – MILITARY COUP… UPDATE: Video added… Obama not taking sides

Breitbart reports the following:

On Wednesday, Gen. Abdel Fatah Said Al-Sisi announced a military coup in Egypt. He said that the Constitution had been suspended, that early elections would take place, and that there would be a “code of ethics” for the media. He stated that the chief of the Constitutional court would be taking charge during a transitional period before another election. He said the new government would be “diverse and include all the people,” and that the constitution would be revised to reverse changes made by ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi.  (GWP)

These MuBro sisters had enough…..

COUP ALERT: EGYPT MILITARY Slaps Travel Ban on President Morsi and Top Islamists (VIDEO) …Update: Muslim Brotherhood Members Arrested – Tanks on the Move!

But the real MuBro’s are majorly pissed off:

Watch the Moment Millions of Egyptians Erupted in Celebration After Learning of Islamist Regime’s Overthrow


4 thoughts on “Morsi Out. Now What?”

  1. While a military coup may sound like a “solution” compared to a Morsi government, that is not what Egypt needs for the long run. Military rule will bring Egypt back to where it was after the election when the military, under Tantawi, refused to hand power over to an interim civilian authority.

    May be through the military, the US may eventually be able to ensure another puppet regime that does not serve the interests of the Egyptian people.

    For western powers, it ultimately does not matter who rules Egypt—secular or Islamist—as long as the leadership allies with their economic and geo-political interests and agendas.

    It is likely that the US and Israel will eventually attempt to influence the policies and direction of the nation through the military, and beyond.

    In the face of this, Egypt needs a truly revolutionary, grass roots opposition; it requires a coalition of oppositional forces that can band together to address Egypt’s internal issues while avoiding the pitfalls of being Israel’s largest neighbour.

    What Egypt needs is an oppositional force that is truly revolutionary, is concerned with the poor, unemployed and the working class and is not beholden to, or a puppet of, western powers.

    Getting there will be no easy task but the people of Egypt have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate an unwillingness to go backwards. That is something to celebrate even if the immediate future is somewhat perilous.

  2. I Love Allah ,I Love Mohammad{SAW},I Love my parents and i love Morsi,because he is very impt. Person for today’s egypt,but egyptian people r raskals of west,they don’t want Islamic rule,they want democracy{dog’s politics},bring morsi back

  3. @pamohamedameen:

    My Egyptian friend said 0bama should butt out, that this isn’t a military coup at all, but (and check the 22 MILLION SIGNATURES on the petition to al-Sissi to prove it) it’s really only a RECALL ELECTION and, since the Egyptian military is owned by the Egyptian people, they have a perfect right to ask that military for help in recalling the government criminals!

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