Ramadan Terror 2013

With thanks to the Religion of Peace, JW, GWP a.o.

No goat is safe from the soldiers of allah:

Finland belongs to allah:

France belongs to allah:

France: Slouching Toward Totalitarianism

“The law should be applied, and applies to everyone.” That principle, so hard-won in the West, is rapidly giving way. “5 injured in clashes at burka riot outside Paris,”

Germany belongs to allah:

Temple Mount Belongs to Allah:

Lisa Wangsness is still promoting Islam at the Boston Globe.

Muslims invented spagetti:

Italian minister hosts iftar dinner for Muslims in Italy

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Emma Bonino hosted Muslim ambassadors in Italy, administration of Italian Islamic Cultural Centre and representatives of Muslim communities 

Muslim Immigration and Terrorism  (Molschky)

Islam is openly at war with the West. What sense does it make to invite the enemy behind the lines?