Rashid Rubs It

Obama’s imam has a special Ramadan message for Jews:


Rashad Hussain is the U.S. special envoy Obama’s slick little Hafiz to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

‘… censorship is not the answer, communities must come forward to counter such depictions with more informed views to prevent the spread of stereotypes and hatred that can dehumanize entire groups of people.’

United States “No-Go Zones”

“We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America.”

America will soon have its own “no-go” zones where Muslims install their own courts, government, justice and punishment, much like the zones that already exist across the European Union. That’s according to Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network.

His organization has been so strong in its opposition to radical Muslim expansion in the U.S.,he’s been targeted in a $30 million defamation lawsuit by a group called Muslims of the Americas, founded by Pakistan Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani.  35 Islamic terror camps operating already inside U.S.

Egypt Braces For Friday rival protest MuBro Riots

Supporters of Egypt’s deposed president and his opponents predicted blood on the streets ahead of what could be a violent day of mass protests, summoned by the Muslim Brotherhood and the army in a struggle for the country’s future.

UK Dhimmi Gubmint Must Bow And Scrape More to Respeck Soldiers of Allah

Soldiers and their Afghan interpreter killed in Taliban attack as bomber rides donkey into Afghan and NATO army convoy.

Multiculti tart doesn’t like anti-halal stickers

STICKERS being sold by a Sunshine Coast One Nation candidate have been condemned by Multicultural Affairs Minister Glen Elmes as “offensive, grotesque and designed to inflame hatred”. …

 ‘Beware! Halal food funds terrorists’.

“People are encouraged to put the stickers on food products in supermarkets, which isn’t just racial discrimination, it’s also vandalism,” Mr Elmes said. (What race is Islam again?)

Australian minister visits PNG asylum centre

Tony Burke visits Manus Island camp, rocked by rape and torture claims, as PNG opposition launches legal action.

Hateful Bigots Censoring “Hate”

A Christian chaplain in the military is being officially censored for engaging in free speech, and anti-Christian activists are demanding he be punished.  

The Crazed Columnists At Haaretz- by Hugh Fitzgerald

Only the well-prepared — those who have studied and assimilated the texts and the history of Islam – have a right to express an opinion on what “European Jews” or anyone else, should do to further the wellbeing of Israel.


 In Marseille, Stabbed In The Carotid Artery For Refusing To Give “Three Youths” (In A Tone They Found Annoying) A Cigarette

Weiner facade crumbling:

Weiner’s sexting partner, who began her virtual relationship with Weiner at age 22, felt that the marriage between Weiner and his wife Huma, a former Hillary Clinton’s lesbian lover aide, was “more of a staged marriage for political gain” and believed that her romance with Weiner would be actualized in a secret condo in Chicago.–WEINER Planned Secret Sex Bunker in Chicago