Tariq Ramadan: “Jihad is the way we implement sharia”

Western journaillie and learned analysts call this sly jihadist a “reformer”, a “philosopher”  or “professor” and suck on his kool aid like  the disciples of Jim Jones  in Guyana. Infuriating  that western elitists call this pseudo-intellectual a “philosopher”-  an insult to all philosophers. Tariq Ramadan is a primitive Mohammedan headbanger in a suit. He should be laughed out of town.

Brother Tariq’s Sly Jihad


Tariq Ramadan pushes American Muslims “not to infiltrate,” just to become journalists and “to shape the perceptions,” states that “Jihad is the way we implement sharia”

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Muslim supremacist leadership understand the power of propaganda as well as did the Reich’s Ministry of Propaganda.

The infamous Tariq Ramadan urged Muslims to all get involved in widespread propaganda. Ramadan is the grandson of Hasan al-Banna, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood. He was banned from the US under Bush, but of course welcomed with open arms under the pro-jihadist Obama administration. Among his many repugnant platforms, he favors the legal extinction of Israel.

The left, of course, loves him:

Tariq Ramadan is a Swiss-born philosophy professor currently based in France. In February 2002 Salon.comcalled him “one of the most important intellectuals in the world,” characterizing him as “the Muslim Martin Luther.” In 2004 Time magazine named him one of the world’s top 100 scientists and thinkers.

When speaking to Western audiences, Ramadan preaches an amicable message of unity and mutual respect. But to Arabic-speaking audiences, he vents his deep-seated hatred of the West and his endorsement of Wahhabism, the most extreme form of Islam. Moreover, Ramadan has numerous connections to fundamentalist Islamic militants and is suspected by U.S. intelligence agencies of maintaining ties with the terrorist group al Qaeda. (DTN)

In a speech given in Detroit in 2013, Tariq Ramadan has used the concept of “Eurabia” to explain why the perception of Israel has changed in Europe.

Ramadan in his speech largely focused on the importance for Muslims to work in the media. He told the crowd “not to infiltrate,” just “to become journalists” and “to shape perceptions.” This is consistent with the Muslim Bortherhood group CAIR’s project to support HAMAS with “media, money and men.”

Transcript of the excerpt on Point de Bascule (thanks to Dai)

1:42:52 I wouldn’t care too much about, you know, the big media. They are changing. It’s going to… It is powerful but we have the power of our presence, we have the power of our principles and we have the power of alternative media. And we should send our children, when they want to do so to… in the field of journalism, to be able to be part of the whole thing and then things are changing.

Last example that I want to give you and I keep on repeating this because we don’t realize this, is… You have trends here who are very much promoting Islamophobia and they are saying, for example: Europe is becoming Eurabia. But why are they saying this? They are saying this because they know something. And once again: don’t work only with emotions and perceptions. Come to facts, figures. Study. Know what is happening. The evolution of history. In less than… You have 16 years, 16 years. We have seen something which was very interesting in the perceptions of the people in one conflict, which is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

1:44:08 ‘67, ‘67, 73% of the… in ’67, 73% of the Europeans were supporting Israel in the conflict. In seventy…, in the seventies… Now, not in the seventies, now, in 2010, we have 66 to 67% of the Europeans supporting the Palestinians. In fact, it’s not coming from… and you know what happened?

The European Union sent… they had a poll and a survey about what is the most dangerous country in the world? The majority of the Europeans responded: Israel and Romano Prodi (Italian Prime Minister and President of the European Commission), at the top, not representing the grassroots, at the top, he came and he said the… the… the question was wrongly put. It was not the right way to ask the question. But what I want you to understand is that without, with effort and without really being involved in this, with the presence, with being… or promoting news and information and more knowledgeable and being present within the society, you can change the perceptions if you are not narrow-minded, if you are not self-isolating yourself and if you understand that not everything it’s coming from the media. Not everything it’s coming from media. It’s coming from our active presence in the society.

And this is going to make it inshallah but we have to be present and we have to speak out and to be able to speak out, it’s not only to speak from where we are but to know to whom we speak and how are we heard.

More on Ramadan from DTN:

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6 thoughts on “Tariq Ramadan: “Jihad is the way we implement sharia””

  1. Remember the butchering of those little Jewish children in Toulouse by the allah-u-akbarist Mohamed Merah?http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=4016871004006337934#editor/target=post;postID=9047031238171053700;onPublishedMenu=template;onClosedMenu=template;postNum=10;src=postname

    “Our” (ha!) ABC – Religion Report, commissioned this nasty piece of islamist, Tariq Ramadan, to write a piece about it. (The only contribution by the ABC to this event that we should never forget). And you know what? He actually wrote more about Merah, the muslim killer, and his “unhappy childhood” and that he was a “victim of French Society” blablabla….hardly mentioned the little murdered children.

    Of course, in more and more Islamised France with their socialist government, Mohamed Merah has become a “Martyr” among their intensively breeding and bludging muslim immigrants, but Tariq Ramadan was the first and he opened the dance.

    It’s quite sickening how he is venerated among the ABC-style panels etc. in France.

  2. However Uncle Vladdi, if used properly it is a powerful weapon!! We need to developing counter-strategies to the muslim propaganda push now.

    1. Kaw, we cannot use backwards and incoherent victimology as a weapon, because their idolatry is always only used as a tempting and corrupting excuse to pretend to give their followers the false right to remain irresponsibly wrong. People throw money at incoherent losers because it’s only a “vote” to defer their own rights and responsibilities to be self-reliant and think for them selves – which they will avoid at all costs!


  3. Hi Uncle Vladdi,

    I agree in principal, but my point was that we need to be using the media more effectively. Muslims have learnt to use the media against us – and we need to use it against them. Most people do not think through the issues – they prefer to be led – in this respect Marx was correct – and it is precisely because of this human characteristic that the media forms such a powerful weapon. I am pretty certain that you know all this but I just wanted to make the reference frame for my previous argument more clear.

    We need to treat the disease, and not just the symptoms.


    1. True. The problem is the human penchant for hypocrisy – the desire to delude themselves that they can have hope without fear, and rights without the responsibility for having earned them (by heeding the fears which give them the clues to solve the problems and fix the mistakes which cause the pains they fear, so they can earn the right to have a hope of no pain)! When they fear fear AS pain, and pretend fears cause pains, they will go to any and all lengths to avoid the pains of thinking for them selves (because all life is pain, all thoughts are fears of that pain and the hope of avoiding that pain – and fear)! So most will resort to idolatry (excuses) to pretend life is static and can be controlled, while avoiding having to control them SELVES first.


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