Adelaide Mosqueteers Shocked That Kuffars Took Note Of Genocidal Hate Speech Mufti

Hate speech Down Under: ‘Kill all Hindus, Jews’

The Islamic Society of South Australia has condemned comments from an Islamic preacher who has connections with an Adelaide mosque. (The Islamic Society of South Australia employed Sheik Hussein as the head imam at the mosque in Adelaide’s south until a 2009.)

4904616-3x2-340x227Sheikh Sharif Hussein posted a video on an American website calling for the deaths of all Buddhists and Hindus.

Nobody knows him, nobody ever heard about him, he must be a loner, he must be part of a “tiny minority of excremists”


The Police Fears For His Safety

Police raise fears for Adelaide mosque priest Sheikh Sharif Hussein’s safety following hate rant

Detectives are examining video of his sermon, believed to have been delivered in part at a tiny centre in Adelaide’s west, in which he described Australian soldiers as “Crusader pigs” and called on Allah to kill Buddhists and Hindus “to the very last one”.

The Police Can’t Find Any Hate Speech, Must Investigate First:

SA Police investigating Islamic preacher’s call for violence in online video

Parliamentary Speaker and Former Attorney-General Michael Atkinson says he raised concerns several years ago about preaching at the Park Holme mosque.

No evidence whatsoever:

“I don’t think he’s a lone voice but he is very much a small minority and I’ve been to that mosque at least two times since and I see no evidence that the influence of his ideas continues,” he said.–More no evidence seen at ABC News 

Adelaide Koranimals Move Into Damage Control

“The Islamic Society of South Australia and the Muslim community of South Australia represent a peaceful multicultural sector contributing to the wonderful and varied fabric of the wider Australian community,” it said in a media release.  It must be noted that Islam’s overwhelming message is that of peace….”-

Nothing to do with us at 7 News via Mullah:

[We are shocked!] “Islamic community” condemns ‘disturbing’ call to violence against Kuffar by preacher of false gospel with links to Adelaide  terror headquarter (Mosque)

Islamic Society spokesturd Dr Waleed Alkhazrajy says the comments are very disturbing but insists they do not represent the view of the majority of Muslim people.  (Its in the Koran, but nobody reads it…)

“Osama Lives Here”

Adelaide sheikh’s words of hate are straight out of al-Qaida central

When the mosque was being built a bit over a decade ago a local bigot spray-painted some nasty graffiti on its front wall. “Osama lives here”, it read.

That “local bigot” was right.

While there is no place for that kind of hate speech in civil society, the sentiment does seem kind of prescient, as the late Mr bin Laden would be cheering in hell at the rabble-rousing sermons being delivered inside. …   More rabble-rousing at The Advertiser/David Penberthy/thanks to Mullah

We no longer live in civil society. We are forced to coexist with Muselmanic barbarity. Our  carefully constructed  “civility” will flow like blood as terror spreads and freedom goes out the door to keep the multiculti fantasy alive.

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  1. If I recall correctly, the NSW government couldn’t guarantee Geert Wilders’ safety (from the likes of the above & his followers) and didn’t want him exposing the likes of the above, or something.

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