Adelaide’s thick sheikh has to go

But he won’t. If we don’t throw him out, along with his followers and their foot soldiers, he will never leave.

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JUST in case anyone misses our point, we don’t think Sheikh Sharif Hussein has a single redeeming feature, nor anything to offer the people of South Australia.

To that end, the Sunday Mail is kindly offering to foot the bill for Mr Hussein’s return flight to his Tunisian birthplace on one firm condition – that he never steps foot in Australia again.

If there is a word which sums up our issue with Mr Hussein, and those who are silly enough to follow him, it is ingratitude. SA has been kind enough to offer Mr Hussein and his local fans a safe haven from the problems of poverty and violence and instability which besets the Middle East.

We have afforded him and his followers the privileges of living in an open society – freedom of association, freedom of worship, freedom of speech.

Mr Hussein has tested and arguably transgressed these freedoms by delivering sermons of the most incendiary kind.

People have every right to speak out against controversial wars and to practice and defend their chosen faith. They do not have the right to use their chosen pulpit to issue speeches which operate more as a call to arms. This is precisely what Mr Hussein has done. He has called the Jews pigs, he has called for Buddhists and Hindus to be executed, he has called our brave Australian troops rapists.

Total lies, total madness, totally offensive, totally out of place here in our city.

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In other news:

DHS Employee Calls President Obama a ‘Mulatto F–got’

 Will that get him banned from being a rodeo clown for life?


As revealed this week, ICE employee Ayo Kimathi runs a website called “War on the Horizon” which predicts a coming race war between blacks and whites. (Breitbart)

Using the name Irritated Genie, Kimathi also has a You Tube account in which he presents videos of himself ranting on various topics. One of these clips, uploadedlast May, is an anti-gay rant aimed at President Obama. Kimathi refers to President Obama as a “mulatto f–got” and then repeats the word a dozen more times.

An ICE spokeperson told the AP that Kimathi’s website would be investigated but so far no action has been taken with regard to his employment.



Hussein’s presence in SA has achieved one thing – and that is to besmirch the generally good name of those Adelaide Islamic communities who in a major lapse of judgment let this ratbag into their midst.

Adelaide has not faced the tensions which have played out in Sydney and Melbourne with larger and more fanatical adherents of Islamic fundamentalism.

We hope that this remains the case.

We know for a fact Mr Hussein was a regular preacher at both the Marion Mosque in Park Holme and the Islamic Da’Wah Centre in Torrensville. Rather than splitting hairs about the fact this particular sermon was not made at either centre, we would question the good sense of those organisations in letting him preach there at all, and for an extended period.

We would also suggest that the best way to ensure that Islamic communities are not exposed to criticism is for those very communities to shun and denounce the brand of Islam practised by a nutter such as Hussein, with no caveats, no excuses, no misplaced sense of victimhood.

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  1. Time for this Bottomfeeder to leave. If he doesn’t leave himself then let me be the first one to offer him the business end of my size 11 steel capped boots. Hopefully this will set of any explosives hidden in his arse.

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