Egypt: Running Out of Churches to Burn

‘EDL not far-right,’ says police extremism chief

The title “extremism chief” alone is enough to make my stomach turn.

EDL planning march against Islamic school


The English Defence League (EDL) will be marching from Fratton to the Madani Academy, in Buckland, to show their disapproval of such a school being built in Portsmouth. Story at The Portsmouth News thanks to Mullah

Useful idiot he is


Culture of corruption

Hold your nose:

Stoned Snake


MSNBC Panel Agrees: Tsarnaev Terror Duo Influenced by ‘Radical Libertarian Agenda,’ Conspiracy Theories

The Tsarnaev brothers were “significantly more Americanized than many of us thought.”–Read More »

Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Attack Churches Around Egypt in Apparent Retaliation for Military Crackdown as 149 People Killed

Hundreds of Egyptians were killed yesterday in clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military regime. The death toll climbed to 525 on Thursday.

Some 3717 others were wounded in the crackdown. (GWP)

The Muslim Brotherhood vowed to bring down the military regime today.

They also promised to “remain peaceful.”
Al-Arabiya reported:

“A black day.”–Read More »

The End?  ‘Climate Change’ Rally in DC Attracts Exactly Zero People

No wonder.  People are sick of this fraud.–Read More »

 Running out of churches to burn:

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood supporters torch government buildings



Muslim Brotherhood vows to bring down Egypt’s government, Obama spokesman calls on Egypt government to respect “basic rights of their people”

But he didn’t say a word about how the Muslim Brotherhood is scapegoating and persecuting Christians all over Egypt. Apparently their basic rights don’t matter. (JW)

One thought on “Egypt: Running Out of Churches to Burn”

  1. What is this, an “omnibus” article?! Let’s take these in order, shall we?

    Domestic “extremism unit” chief of police?! “Extremism” is a meaningless emotive term; a merely neutral adjective which could as easily be applied to “extremely” nice Christians and Jews, as to “extremely” hateful moslems! The same would go for “fundamentalist” police – they could conduct SWAT-like raids on “fundamentally” loving Christians and Jews, while ignoring “fundamentally” hateful muzis!

    Has the lefty’s world gone completely mad? (don’t answer that – it was rhetorical)!

    I can’t understand how Lindsey Graham gets re-elected; I just can’t.

    Barry Soetero (America’s POTUS, or Prophet Of The United States) wears a Barak Hussein Obama mask all the time; so why can’t we?!

    Another corrupt Clinton financial Foundation deal discovered – “wow.”

    Poor billionairre Orca Winfrey is such a victim – for a “raciss!”

    So Oliver Stone finally had a (mostly) sane moment in public. Big Deal.

    Sure, the Tsarnaevs – devout Muslims and slaves of allah who went to jihadi schools back home – blew up tons of White Westerners in Boston because they were really racist White supremacist libertarian (individualists) who hated Barak Hussein Obama because he was Black. Just proves the lefties are like robots, condemned to follow their fantasy conspiracy narratives no matter what the objective facts might be.

    Unbeknownst to most Western news retarders, it’s pretty hard to burn down buildings in Egypt – because even the interior walls are all made of stone and brick.

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